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Firefox 3 beta1
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While it would certainly be nicer to have bug 389128 and bug 389131 fixed, apparently raccettura only has one working wrist, and there's no sign of anyone picking them up for him, so we're set to ship a beta so that people can test whether there are broken web sites, with a menuitem that we know doesn't work to Report Broken Web Site...
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Do we have stats on how many people are submitting broken sites by this method. Might be useful for deciding whether to push more resources on reporter rather than just removing it.

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12 years ago
To the (totally unknown to me) extent that is correct, of the 742089 reports, we got a couple hundred from each 3.0 alpha until it broke with a7. 2.0 alphas got around 400 each, while 2.0 betas got a couple thousand each.
I had found that and its not the stats I was looking for at all. What I meant was how often are people using this tool (regardless of app/version)

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12 years ago
Well, it also says 1188 in 24 hours, 7414 in 7 days, so I guess those would be the "give up on it completely" numbers.
Hmm I must be blind. So 1000 reports a day does not sound like "yeah lets ditch this without thinking much about it".
to chime in...

it's mostly done... just needs someone to handle changes necessary for r=.  I can advise a volunteer as needed... just not up for too much @ the sec (changes, testing, etc).
Plussing so we don't lose the red button, but I think Robert's got this now...
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12 years ago
Bug 389131 is fixed so is this still needed?

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12 years ago
Yup. It was filed on the state where you couldn't successfully submit a report with Reporter, and if you build right this second, you can't successfully submit a report with Reporter. I think we can manage to remember not to land this patch while we wait for bug 401816 to successfully land-and-stick, rather than ping-pong this bug if bug 401816 has troubles or delays or bug 389128 winds up needing another round. Not to worry, I'll gleefully wontfix it as soon as it's clearly and certainly not needed.
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Disable it

reporter is almost no longer useless, waiting on bug 401816
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12 years ago
Or, I guess we could go with the premature potential ping-pong :)
verified - the reporter UI was working fine during my tests in Bug 401816
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