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Show All Tags icons disappear when toggle back and forth




18 years ago
16 years ago


(Reporter: rubydoo123, Assigned: kinmoz)



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18 years ago
using the build from 5/26 on win98

If I bring in a document or if I create a new document and I toggle through the 
modes, then in wyiswyg mode or html source mode I add additional elements, then 
toggle back to Show All Tags mode, some of the icons are missing.

Comment 1

18 years ago
Are you sure this isn't the bug where tags/content added in HTML Source mode
are sometimes lost when switching to any of the other modes? Confirm this
by using Debug | Output HTML after changing out of HTML Source and observe if
all of the new tags/content was pasted correctly into the "normal" document.

Comment 2

18 years ago
no, none of the elements are lost, the text and element are still there, just 
the element icon does not display.

Comment 3

18 years ago
setting to m17, this is really going to confuse users, it looks like elements 
are being deleted.
Target Milestone: --- → M17

Comment 4

18 years ago
Beth: Can you please supply a test file that reproduceably demonstrates the

Comment 5

18 years ago
sure, as soon as the commercial build is back up and running.

Comment 6

18 years ago
Created attachment 9523 [details]
Test page with all HTML tags

Comment 7

18 years ago
ah thanks Charley -- but, here is the steps I did to reproduce this:
1. open New Blank Page, stay in default Normal mode
2. add 4 lines of text, tag the first line as a heading. Highlight some text 
(not all) in the second line and make it bold element, highlight some more text 
in the second line and make it italic. Highlight the 4th line and mark it as a 
3. select the Show All Tags mode. You should see the BODY element icon, the 
first line of text should have a heading element icon, the second line of text 
should have a bold and italic element icon, the fourth line shuold have a 
paragrapgh element icon
4. Toggle back to the Normal mode and then toggle back to the Show All Tags 
mode. All of the element icons except for the BODY element icon have 
disappeared. The text is still present, nothing has been deleted.
5. select HTML Source mode, you will notice that all of the elements are still 
6. Toggle back to the Show All Tags mode, highlight some text on the third line 
and mark it as underlined
7. Toggle back to the Normal mode and back to the Show All Tags mode -- the 
underline element icon has now disappeared.
8. Toggle back to Normal mode -- notice everything renders as you marked it, 
nothing is deleted, it's just that in the Show All Tags mode, the element icon 
representations are not displayed.

Comment 8

18 years ago
Created attachment 9532 [details]
A better test file that loads completely into Composer

Comment 9

18 years ago
We are having problems dealing with some tags, so the 2nd file removes those.
Marc: We are now seeing problems displaying the background images for the tags.
What I'm seeing today is that the first time I use "Show All Tags" mode, all
of the "icons" (background images on the tags) display ok. Then switch back
to normal, and then use "Show All Tags" again. All of the icons except "body"
are missing after the 2nd try. 
After the first stylesheet load, we are storing the override style sheed as 
a member variable of the editor as a COM ptr, then reloading it each time "Show 
All Tags" is used again.
Since you seem to understand the CSS/background image issues very well, you
seem to be the best candidate to investigate this.
Assignee: cmanske → attinasi

Comment 10

18 years ago
I'll look it over... Charles, instead of unloading and reloading the style sheet 
why don't you just enable/disable it? I recently added code to check if a 
stylesheet is enabled before using it in the cascade (somehow that bit was never 
checked before). It might be faster for you, especially if the stylesheet is not 
changing, you know, like, it's a static css file we distribute with the 

Comment 11

18 years ago
Good suggestion! Does enabling/disabling work with override sheets?
Can you please point me to the interface for enabling/disabling?

Comment 12

18 years ago
I found nsIStyleSheet::SetEnabled(). We store as nsICSSStyleSheet, so this
will be easy. Thanks!

Comment 13

18 years ago
eMail from Charles Manske:

Well, I tried using nsIStyleSheet::SetEnable and I still see the bug. I'm not 
sure if the existing code does this, bug: After the first use of
"Show All Tags" mode, then 1st switch back to "Normal", the "body" icon is not 
removed (I think we saw that problem before, correct?)
Then if you use "Show All Tags" again, the other icons don't redisplay, just as 
they don't now (using RemoveOverrideStyleSheet).

Comment 14

18 years ago
Marc I don't know if this is related or not, but on win98, when I toggle to HTML 
Source and back to either Normal or Show Tags, I lose all of the data that was 
within the body. I will open a bug for that.

Comment 15

18 years ago
Zoinks! that doesn't sound like a style problem, Beth. Please CC me on the new 

I winder if there is a more fundamental problem here... The Show All Tags stuff 
worked, albeit for only a brief period, but I played with it at length when I 
fixed the background color problems. I don't really understand how the editor 
handles the document being edited, so I am having a hard time emulating what is 
going on in the editor in simpler testcases. 

Beth, what is the priority on this specific bug? Right now it is kind of low 
priority for me (not nsbeta2, not dogfood, not blocker) so I'm only looking at 
it in my spare cycles...

Comment 16

18 years ago
you're right, this should be bumped up, I will nominate for nsbeta2 -- this 
could really confuse users if they toggle, you get the impression that data is 
being removed.
Keywords: nsbeta2

Comment 17

18 years ago
I'm not sure if this is a separate issue, but I tried using 
nsIStyleSheet::SetEnable(PR_FALSE) instead of removing the style sheet to 
transition from "Show All Tags" mode to "Normal", as suggested by Marc,
and when I do that the icons are removed from the page, but not the padding
that is used to reserve space for the icon (which is a background image).
I.e., disabling a style sheet that has "padding-left: 20px;" doesn't trigger
redisplaying the page to remove the padding (act like "padding-left: 0px").

Comment 18

18 years ago
Charles, when a sheet is enabled or disabled the document associated with it is 
notified, which causes a bunch of other things to be notified, notably the 
PresShell which then does a reframe. If the StyleSheet does not have an 
associated document then none of this happens. I thought that was what I was 
seeing when you were doing the Load/Unload logic, the sheet had no document. 
Somewhere the style sheet needs to have the document set, by calling 
SetOwningDocument. Are you setting the document when you load the stylesheet?

Comment 19

18 years ago
Another possibility is that CSSStyleSheetImpl::SetEnabled could use the 
CSSStyleSheetImpl::GetOwningDocument method to get the document to notify rather 
than just using the mDocument data member... This would only help if the parent 
of the style sheet had a document but the style sheet does not, probably not 
this bug. It may be a good idea anyway, since it would take care of enabled 
child sheets (which will not work now).

Comment 20

18 years ago
We weren't setting the document when loading the sheet before, but I discovered
that problem and added that to use SetEnable. So my tree has that fix, but
that didn't seem to cure the buge.
I sent that to you as part of the diff, which I'll attach the bug.
Maybe I should try to get permission to check that in today.
Would you prefer if I also checked in the code to use SetEnable() instead of 
the current load/unload code?

Comment 21

18 years ago
Created attachment 9836 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch to save document when loading style sheet and use SetEnable()

Comment 22

18 years ago
Charles, I think the Enable/Disable method is better, as well as easier to 
debug. Since neither methods work any better or worse I'd suggest using the 
Enable/Disable method. 

I'll try and apply the patch and see what happens. I'm assuming that you are 
running against tip layout code?

Also, with the SetDocument call in there are you at least seeing the layout 
problem fixed?

Comment 23

18 years ago
Putting on [nsbeta2-] radar. Not critical to beta2.  Putting on nsbeta3 
keyword radar.
Keywords: nsbeta3
Whiteboard: [nsbeta2-]

Comment 24

18 years ago
To answer Marc: No, setting the document didn't seem to fix anything.
I disagree with the nsbeta2- assessment and would like reconsideration:
We are loading/unloading, enabling/disabling style sheets to do the "Show
All tags" mode. And as a result we are simply setting background images on tags 
when the sheet is loaded/enabled. The fact that this doesn't work is not just 
an isolated editor issue, but reflects something more fundamentally wrong with 
style sheets and/or background images. It seems those basic issues need to 
be addressed sooner than beta3.
Note also that this is a regression -- this all worked a couple of weeks ago.
Keywords: nsbeta3
Whiteboard: [nsbeta2-]

Comment 25

18 years ago
RickG comments that we should find out what the real problem is. Need to 
understand what the user impact of not fixing this for beta2.
Whiteboard: [NEED INFO]

Comment 26

18 years ago
Pierre -- can you help with this?
Rick: It would be helpful if I could be allowed to checkin the code in the 
6/08/00 patch so either Marc or Pierre will be working with the most-correct
stylesheet usage.
The impact on the user is that the "Show All Tags" editmode, which is a 
completely new, innovative way of editing is totally unusable, and we were
hoping to get some good feedback about this in Beta2.
As I argued above, it reveals some basic problem with loading/unloading, or
enabling/disabling stylesheets that I feel is better addressed sooner than 

Comment 27

18 years ago
It's a common tendency to believe that a problem which lies in a different module 
reveals a basic flaw with wide implications but in that particular case, I 
wouldn't use this argument to raise the priority of the bug. The real question on 
your side is: do we need Show All Tags for beta2? The PDT team didn't think so. 
You may argue the case with Beth but I don't think you can claim basic flaws in 
the style system to help your cause:
- We enable/disable stylesheets when switching between quirks mode and standard 
mode and AFAIK there isn't any problem.
- We used to load/unload style sheets in the Editor for the (now defunct) Apply 
Stylesheet command and there wasn't any problem either.
- When reproducing the bug using beppe's comments from [2000-06-02 13:38], the 
icons are indeed missing but you can also notice that they are replaced by an 
empty space which corresponds to the size of the icon, meaning that the style 
wasn't completely lost: just the icon. Most importantly, if you quit the app and 
modify the stylesheet (EditorAllTags.css) to display backgrounds of different 
colors instead of icons, it works: the style is applied/removed and you can 
toggle between modes.

If this is a style problem, it is limited to the 'background-image' property (and 
Marc may want to have a quick look because he worked in that area 1 or 2 months 
ago) otherwise it could be another tricky bug with image loading and the Cache.

Comment 28

18 years ago
There isn't any problem with the background-image property either. I did a quick 
test where I used the following line in EditorAllTags.css for the B and U tags:
       background-image: url(http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ant.jpg);
then I followed beppe's instructions to reproduce the bug and the image didn't 
disappear for B and U elements.

This is not a style problem, removed the [NEED INFO] tag, reassigned to cmanske. 
It could be another image loading problem between ImageLib, Cache and History.

Charles: a good test would be to replace the 'chrome:\\' urls with 'http:\\' urls 
of the same icons on a remote server then with 'file:\\' urls on your local 
Assignee: attinasi → cmanske
Whiteboard: [NEED INFO]

Comment 29

18 years ago
Putting on [nsbeta2-] radar. We do not see evidence that this is serious enough 
to fix right now.  Need a common user impact.
Whiteboard: [nsbeta2-]

Comment 30

18 years ago
really? So, you're anew user using Composer and you type your little heart out 
and select Show All Tags to see what this HTML stuff is all about. ANd you say 
-- hey that's pretty cool. SO you toggle back to the Normal mode because you 
don't feel comfortable in the show all tags mode, and you enter more stuff - and 
want to sneak a peek at the new stuff in show all tags mose -- BUT WAIT: your 
stuff is gone - and you call that low impact? What am I not understanding?
Whiteboard: [nsbeta2-]

Comment 31

18 years ago
Beth, I can't get the content to disappear, just the icons. Is it on Win98 only? 
Is the content really gone or does it come back after doing a resize or switching 
back to HTML Source?

Comment 32

18 years ago
Beth, I could reproduce the problem on Win98 (albeit running in VirtualPC). The 
easiest way for me to reproduce it is to click repeatedly on "Normal" while the 
document is still loading in the "HTML Source" mode. If I wait until the document 
is fully loaded in "HTML Source" mode, then click on "Normal", the problem 
doesn't happen.

When the problem does happen, the content always comes back after either resizing 
the window or switching back to the previous mode. Both are fairly easy 

Comment 33

18 years ago
Independent of whether we identify and fix the image appearance problems for
beta2, can I *please* checkin the simple patch attached above.
All of you except Marc and I are using code that is not "correct" and 
this is a waste of time.
As Marc has pointed out, we need to set the document when first loading the
stylesheet, and then use SetEnabled(PR_FALSE or PR_TRUE) to disable and reenable
the sheet instead of unloading are reloading it. With this code in, we can 
correctly evaluate where the problem really is.
This is a very safe fix even if we don't make any further changes before beta2.

Comment 34

18 years ago
nsbeta2+ until 6/15
Whiteboard: [nsbeta2+][6/15]

Comment 35

18 years ago
Assigning all nsbeta2+ bugs to M16.
Target Milestone: M17 → M16

Comment 36

18 years ago
Marc: The code to use SetEnabled() is checked in.
We now have the additional problem that when switching from "Show All Tags"
mode to "Normal" or "Preview", the extra padding-left used in the CSS for 
all the tags is not removed when SetEnabled(PR_FALSE) is used to turn off
the EditorAllTags.css override sheet. Could you please investigate that problem?

Assignee: cmanske → attinasi

Comment 37

18 years ago
I am also noticing the after switching back to "Normal" from "Show All Tags"
mode, and then creating new content (e.g., click on one of the list toolbar
buttons), the new content is shown with the icons that should only display
in "Show All Tags" mode. Thus while Pierre is probably correct that the image
disappearance is not a CSS problem, the latest issues I described
are CSS-related. Marc doesn't have any other pressing bugs and would like
to look at these new problems -- he was on vacation yesterday and we would 
like a couple more days to investigate.

Comment 38

18 years ago
Looking into this I have found a problem with Enable/Disable of the StyleSheet. 
Basically, we use the enable-bit on the sheet when we are building up the rule 
processors to see if that sheet's rules apply. However, when we disable or 
enable the sheet the rule processors are not rebuilt, so we are still using the 
old rules regardless of the enable-bit. I am testing a change that will rebuild 
the rule processors after a style sheet changes state... stay tuned.

Comment 39

18 years ago
Rebuilding the rule processors when a stylesheet's state changes definitely 
helps! With this change many of the problems of switching between ShowAllTags 
and Normal are eliminated. There are still problems with the images not showing 
up after the first time, however the layout is making room for them. Also, the 
BODY tag image is disappearing when you switch to normal mode now.

The change is simple: added a new method on the nsIStyleSet interface and 
implemented in the StyleSetImpl:

StyleSetImpl::NotifyStyleSheetStateChanged(PRBool aDisabled)
  return NS_OK;

The PresContext has to call this on its mStyleSet member before calling 

PresShell::StyleSheetDisabledStateChanged(nsIDocument *aDocument,
                                          nsIStyleSheet* aStyleSheet,
                                          PRBool aDisabled)
  nsresult rv = NS_OK;

  // first notify the style set that a sheet's state has changed
  if (mStyleSet) {
    rv = mStyleSet->NotifyStyleSheetStateChanged(aDisabled ? 
                                                  PR_FALSE : 
  if (NS_FAILED(rv)) return rv;

  // rebuild the frame-world
  return ReconstructFrames();

(I cannot easily create a patch right how as I have other unrelated changes in 
those files). 

I'm looking into the image problems now.

Comment 40

18 years ago
Cleaning up status whiteboard by marking this beta2 minus. (6/15 has passed)

Folks are obviously too doomed for beta2 to get to this.
Whiteboard: [nsbeta2+][6/15] → [nsbeta2-]

Comment 41

18 years ago
*** Bug 42971 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Comment 42

18 years ago
Charley, I'll be checking in the fix for the Enable/Disable style sheet problem 
as part of a larger nsbeta2+ bug fix - it is clearly wrong and it is easy to fix 
(see related bug 38026). Once I do you can pull it and see that we are now 
correctly handling the icons coming and going, except that the images themselves 
are not always painting (their space is reserved however, and there is even a 
nice little border around where they should be when you select them).

Comment 43

18 years ago
Updating milestone...
Target Milestone: M16 → M18

Comment 44

18 years ago
Thanks, Marc. I'm building now and will evaluate where we are with remaining

Comment 45

18 years ago
An interesting wrinkle: put some text into the doc, bold, italic, underlines, 
whatever. Switch to Show All Tags - you'll see the icons. Switch back to Normal, 
then back to Show All Tags - no icons now (the problem we have seen for the last 
couple of weeks). Now, select some of the text and change it to a new type, plie 
Heading 4 - voilla, the H4 icons show up. It appears any icon can be used once. 
As I noted before, the layout is leaving room for the icons, they are just not 
being rendered.

Comment 46

18 years ago
Changing to nsbeta3 since it was rejected for nsbeta2 (expired, actually).
Keywords: nsbeta2 → nsbeta3

Comment 47

18 years ago
Checked in the changes to make Enable/DisableStyleSheet actually rebuild the 
rule processors. Charley, can you check it out on your end?

From Style's perspective, everything looks great. There seems to be a problem 
with the images not getting painted though.

Comment 48

18 years ago
As much as it pains me to do this, I am sending it back over to the Editor team 
now. I believe that the Style and Layout problems are taken care of, and now 
there are some residual painting or image or necko problems to tackle.

Beppe, can you send it to the correct person (preferrably not one named Marc 
Assignee: attinasi → beppe
OS: Windows 98 → All

Comment 49

18 years ago
repaint issues -- I'm going to start with Kin and see what he thinks, then we 
can reassign it to the appropriate folks over in layout.

Kin, can you help Charley to narrow down the repaint issues?
Assignee: beppe → kin

Comment 50

18 years ago
Accepting bug.

Comment 51

18 years ago
> then we can reassign it to the appropriate folks over in layout.

I don't think it is a Layout problem. Layout fulfilled its part: the space for 
these images is properly located on the page. We had similar problems (bug 41624 
for instance) with images that don't always appear and they seem to come from 
somewhere between Cache and ImageLib, or maybe History.

Comment 52

18 years ago
The editor images are being marked as IC_INCOMPLETE by the image library when 
they are initially loaded because OnStopRequest() is called and a stream still 

IL_StreamAbort(il_container_struct * 0x0355a400, int -201) line 1637
NetReaderImpl::StreamAbort(NetReaderImpl * const 0x0355be20, int -201) line 121 
+ 16 bytes
ImageConsumer::OnStopRequest(ImageConsumer * const 0x0355bed0, nsIChannel * 
0x03555060, nsISupports * 0x00000000, unsigned int 2147500037, const unsigned 
short * 0x00000000) line 537
nsDocumentOpenInfo::OnStopRequest(nsDocumentOpenInfo * const 0x03554650, 
nsIChannel * 0x03555060, nsISupports * 0x00000000, unsigned int 2147500037, 
const unsigned short * 0x00000000) line 267
nsResChannel::EndRequest(unsigned int 2147500037, const unsigned short * 
0x00000000) line 704 + 50 bytes
nsResChannel::AsyncRead(nsResChannel * const 0x03555060, nsIStreamListener * 
0x03554650, nsISupports * 0x00000000) line 414
nsResChannel::OnStopRequest(nsResChannel * const 0x03555064, nsIChannel * 
0x0355bbd0, nsISupports * 0x00000000, unsigned int 2147500036, const unsigned 
short * 0x00000000) line 692 + 43 bytes
nsFileChannel::OnStopRequest(nsFileChannel * const 0x0355bbd8, nsIChannel * 
0x033900d0, nsISupports * 0x00000000, unsigned int 2147500036, const unsigned 
short * 0x00000000) line 628 + 45 bytes
nsOnStopRequestEvent::HandleEvent(nsOnStopRequestEvent * const 0x033903f0) line 
nsStreamListenerEvent::HandlePLEvent(PLEvent * 0x03396f70) line 97 + 12 bytes
PL_HandleEvent(PLEvent * 0x03396f70) line 575 + 10 bytes
PL_ProcessPendingEvents(PLEventQueue * 0x01084060) line 520 + 9 bytes
_md_EventReceiverProc(HWND__ * 0x00820096, unsigned int 49495, unsigned int 0, 
long 17317984) line 1032 + 9 bytes
USER32! 77e7124c()

So the next time we recreate the image frames, we load the images out of the 
cache, but this time IL_GetImage() notices the IC_INCOMPLETE status, and sends 
it to nsImageRequest which converts it to an IL_ERROR_IMAGE_DATA_TRUNCATED error 
and then calls nsFrameImageLoader::NotifyError(), so the 
nsFrameImageLoader.mImage field never gets set, so there is nothing to paint. 
Here's the stack trace of the error thrown when we are loading the image the 
second time around:

nsFrameImageLoader::NotifyFrames(int 0) line 537
nsFrameImageLoader::NotifyError(nsIImageRequest * 0x03539ee0, nsImageError 
nsImageError_kImageDataTruncated) line 529
ns_observer_proc(void * 0x0353b0a0, long 14, void * 0x0012e930, void * 
0x03539ee0) line 151
XP_NotifyObservers(OpaqueObserverList * 0x0353b130, long 14, void * 0x0012e930) 
line 259 + 28 bytes
il_icon_notify(_IL_ImageReq * 0x0353b0a0, int 17, long 14) line 522 + 20 bytes
IL_GetImage(const char * 0x0353bcf0, _IL_GroupContext * 0x03559530, 
OpaqueObserverList * 0x0353b130, _NI_IRGB * 0x00000000, unsigned int 0, unsigned 
int 0, unsigned int 0, void * 0x03558200, nsIImageRequestObserver * 0x0353b274) 
line 2100 + 13 bytes
ImageRequestImpl::Init(void * 0x03559530, const char * 0x0353bcf0, 
nsIImageRequestObserver * 0x0353b274, const unsigned int * 0x00000000, unsigned 
int 0, unsigned int 0, unsigned int 0, ilINetContext * 0x03558200) line 260 + 53 
ImageGroupImpl::GetImage(const char * 0x0353bcf0, nsIImageRequestObserver * 
0x0353b274, const unsigned int * 0x00000000, unsigned int 0, unsigned int 0, 
unsigned int 0) line 266 + 46 bytes
nsFrameImageLoader::Init(nsFrameImageLoader * const 0x0353b270, nsIPresContext * 
0x033d3660, nsIImageGroup * 0x0355d030, const nsString & {...}, const unsigned 
int * 0x00000000, const nsSize * 0x00000000, nsIFrame * 0x02b15194, 
nsImageAnimation eImageAnimation_None, unsigned int (nsIPresContext *, 
nsIFrameImageLoader *, nsIFrame *, void *, unsigned int)* 0x00000000, void * 
...) lin
nsPresContext::StartLoadImage(nsPresContext * const 0x033d3660, const nsString & 
{...}, const unsigned int * 0x00000000, const nsSize * 0x00000000, nsIFrame * 
0x02b15194, unsigned int (nsIPresContext *, nsIFrameImageLoader *, nsIFrame *, 
void *, unsigned int)* 0x00000000, void * 0x00000000, nsIFrameImageLoader * * 
0x0012ebbc) line 970 + 62 bytes
nsCSSRendering::PaintBackground(nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext 
& {...}, nsIFrame * 0x02b15194, const nsRect & {...}, const nsRect & {...}, 
const nsStyleColor & {...}, const nsStyleSpacing & {...}, int 0, int 0) line 
2101 + 76 bytes
nsBlockFrame::Paint(nsBlockFrame * const 0x02b15194, nsIPresContext * 
0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & {...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsFramePaintLayer 
eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 6263 + 37 bytes
nsContainerFrame::PaintChild(nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & 
{...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsIFrame * 0x02b15194, nsFramePaintLayer 
eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 211
nsBlockFrame::PaintChildren(nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & 
{...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsFramePaintLayer eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 
nsBlockFrame::Paint(nsBlockFrame * const 0x02b14f38, nsIPresContext * 
0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & {...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsFramePaintLayer 
eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 6286
nsContainerFrame::PaintChild(nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & 
{...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsIFrame * 0x02b14f38, nsFramePaintLayer 
eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 211
nsBlockFrame::PaintChildren(nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & 
{...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsFramePaintLayer eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 
nsBlockFrame::Paint(nsBlockFrame * const 0x02b14eec, nsIPresContext * 
0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & {...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsFramePaintLayer 
eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 6286
nsContainerFrame::PaintChild(nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & 
{...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsIFrame * 0x02b14eec, nsFramePaintLayer 
eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 211
nsContainerFrame::PaintChildren(nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext 
& {...}, const nsRect & {...}, nsFramePaintLayer eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 
nsHTMLContainerFrame::Paint(nsHTMLContainerFrame * const 0x02b14224, 
nsIPresContext * 0x033d3660, nsIRenderingContext & {...}, const nsRect & {...}, 
nsFramePaintLayer eFramePaintLayer_Underlay) line 101
PresShell::Paint(PresShell * const 0x034665e4, nsIView * 0x034c0ab0, 
nsIRenderingContext & {...}, const nsRect & {...}) line 3657 + 34 bytes
nsView::Paint(nsView * const 0x034c0ab0, nsIRenderingContext & {...}, const 
nsRect & {...}, unsigned int 128, int & 268588693) line 280
nsViewManager2::RenderDisplayListElement(DisplayListElement2 * 0x034c2cd0, 
nsIRenderingContext & {...}) line 816
nsViewManager2::RenderViews(nsIView * 0x0310e300, nsIRenderingContext & {...}, 
const nsRect & {...}, int & 0) line 763
nsViewManager2::Refresh(nsIView * 0x0310e300, nsIRenderingContext * 0x035386f0, 
const nsRect * 0x0012f6d8, unsigned int 1) line 643
nsViewManager2::DispatchEvent(nsViewManager2 * const 0x03466e20, nsGUIEvent * 
0x0012f818, nsEventStatus * 0x0012f71c) line 1303
HandleEvent(nsGUIEvent * 0x0012f818) line 69
nsWindow::DispatchEvent(nsWindow * const 0x03125ef4, nsGUIEvent * 0x0012f818, 
nsEventStatus & nsEventStatus_eIgnore) line 560 + 10 bytes
nsWindow::DispatchWindowEvent(nsGUIEvent * 0x0012f818, nsEventStatus & 
nsEventStatus_eIgnore) line 586
nsWindow::OnPaint() line 3487 + 28 bytes
nsWindow::ProcessMessage(unsigned int 15, unsigned int 0, long 0, long * 
0x0012fbc8) line 2647 + 17 bytes
nsWindow::WindowProc(HWND__ * 0x00d103ea, unsigned int 15, unsigned int 0, long 
0) line 829 + 27 bytes
USER32! 77e71303()
USER32! 77e71962()
NTDLL! 77f763ef()

I'm not sure if our gifs are invalid, or if this is a bug in necko.

Comment 53

17 years ago
It looks like nsFileTransport::Process() is firing off an OnStopRequest() in the 
END_READ case. Necko assumes that if a stream exists and an OnStopRequest is 
fired, that an abort is taking place. This is probably the same thing that is 
causing bug #40785 which I just assigned to dougt@netscape.com.
Depends on: 40785

Comment 54

17 years ago
The fix for #40785 fixes this bug as well.
Will check in as soon as tree opens.


Comment 55

17 years ago
fix checked in.
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 56

17 years ago
verified in 7/13 build.
Adding keyword to bugs which already show a nsbeta2 triage value in the status 
whiteboard so the queries don't get screwed up.
Keywords: nsbeta2
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