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Shipping of the French dictionary in Firefox 2.x/3.x and Thunderbird 2.x/3.x


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We would like to include the new tri-licensed (GPL/MPL/LGPL) French spelling dictionary with the default Firefox and Thunderbird installations in French.

The dictionary is Hunspell-compatible and maintained by contributors at

I'm going to attach the files for review.
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Affix file.
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Dictionary file (zipped)
If it's tri-licensed, I have no problems. :-)

Sorry for the CC pingpong, Gerv, is GPL/LGPL v3 OK? In particular, as I read the notice, the dict is not available in [L]GPL v2, but only v3. Not exactly sure how to read the license policy here.
Axel: no worries about the ping-pong. Thanks for getting me back. 

You are right, v3 only is not acceptable. The Mozilla project's policy is that it wants code it uses to be available to anyone using MPL 1.1 or above, GPL 2.0 or above or LGPL 2.1 or above. Restricting some to GPL 3 or above does not meet this goal. :-|

Thanks for spotting the issue!

We think it could be a misunderstanding with the packager, who probably didn't even think about version numbers and just picked the last one. One of the reasons of the relicensing was actually to allow its inclusion in Mozilla and other open source products (

We're trying to get the README changed to reflect this, hopefully it won't take more than a few days (if a few more contributors have to be reached).
I am the author of the website Dico|Savant and the maintainer of the french dictionary.
I didn't choose the licences. The creator of the dictionary allowed the previous maintainer to choose the new licenses, and indeed he chose the last ones without knowing if problems would occur to integrate it to Firefox or (he never really cared about that apparently).

However, will integrate it with the MPL 1.1 licence.

You can choose one of the three licenses. If it's still a problem for you, I will try to contact the first author of the dictionary.
The dictionary will been integrated in the next developer-version of OOo. I'll look if they changed something in the README.
As Gerv laid out, we need the code to be in the [L]GPL v2s in order to be able to take it as part of our default ships.

Olivier, if you could try to reach out to the original author, that'd be great, thanks.
I have just learned that the dictionary's first author has allowed the contributors to change the licence if it's necessary.
So I will update the README files, and release new versions of the dictionaries in few days.

The files already attached here should NOT be used for Firefox2/Myspell.
The .dic file is for Hunspell only. It contains some entries with similar lemmas which won't be managed correctly by Myspell.
There was a misunderstanding. I talked to the previous maintainer and he explained me that the licenses are GPL/LGPL/MPL, with no license number. Choose what you want.

I've just updated the dictionaries (.dic and README).
Tell me if you prefer explicit license numbers or just no numbers.

"Licences GPL, LGPL, MPL"
"Licence GPL 2    ou supérieure
Licence LGPL 2.1 ou supérieure
Licence MPL 1.1  ou supérieure"

Here are the last versions of the dictionaries.
I have updated fr_FR.dic and the README.txt.

New licenses:
MPL 1.1 or above
GPL 2.0 or above
LGPL 2.1 or above
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I understand from his blog that Gerv is going to be unavailable for some time. Can we assume the licensing issue is resolved as per comment #14?

If it is the case, we would like to check in the Hunspell dictionary on trunk, and possibly the MySpell version on the 1.8 branch. Note that we would rename the files to "fr" instead of "fr-FR" as it is the language code used in Firefox.
If the files have been legally relicensed, it seems fine to me :-) Although the team should consider what's going to happen to updates and so on. If they want their stuff to be used under all these different licences, it would be best to use something like the MIT licence, which is compatible with them all and has minimal terms and requirements. That way, you won't get your dictionary forking.

Sorry, no MIT license for now.
I'm rewriting a new french dictonary (with a new affixes system), and I'll think about a more permissive license when it'll be finished.
Blocks: 397019
Now that the licensing issue is resolved, how should we proceed to land the new dictionaries on branch and trunk?
What should we do with the current dictionaries on AMO?
What about the update process for further updates on both CVS and AMO?
This dictionary thing is totally new for us.
Sorry for all these questions ;-)
Land it on trunk. Create a a patch and request approval for the branch.

As for updates, as long as the license doesn't change, you can just check in. If there's a change in license, just file a bug and get tracking.

AMO is a different thing, CCing Wil for input. As you're having a different dictionary for 3.0 as for 2.0, this is going to be intersting nevertheless.
I'll preface this by saying the dictionary page on AMO leaves a lot to be desired.  ;)

Dictionaries on AMO are just another add-on type, so you should be able to upload it as a normal add-on.  I'm not sure if there is support for different dictionaries for different product versions though, so that might not work out of the box.  I'd suggest filing a bug under and attaching the final .xpi there when it's ready.
The Hunspell version has been checked in on trunk for a week or so, and is working well already.

Here is a patch on the 1.8 branch (Firefox & Thunderbird 2) with the MySpell dictionary from Dico | Savant, version 1.1.5. It had to be zipped because its size (1312 KB) is exceeding bugzilla's limitations for a patch (1024 KB).

Note: The dictionary uses the ISO-8859-15 encoding and may look strange in US-ASCII or even ISO-8859-1, with characters such as '1/2' instead of the 'oe' ligature.
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> '1/2' instead of the 'oe' ligature.

There is nothing that can be done about that.
The characters 'oe' and 'OE' don't exist in ISO-8859-1 and obviously neither in ASCII.
Comment on attachment 294844 [details]
Patch for 1.8 branch (myspell) - zipped

That was just a side note because the patch format doesn't specify any encoding. It is indeed the most efficient way to store anything using the French language.

I'm asking approval for, hopefully Pike will see this when back from holidays.
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Patch for 1.8 branch (myspell) - zipped

[fr] approval granted for landing updated dictionary onto the 1.8 branch, please use the fixed1.8.1.12 and verified... keywords to track landing and testing.
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Fixed on the 1.8 branch.

We'll probably track the different extensions versions on AMO in a followup bug.
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