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msys cvs 1.11.22 has issues


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Using the MozillaBuild 1.2 RC I can't checkin with CVS. Found when trying to check in the fix for bug 409114, here was my output:

  Ben@SOLACEWIN ~/src/mozilla/trunk/mozilla/tools/build-environment/win32
  $ cvs ci -m "New build stuff"
  cvs commit: nothing known about `'
  cvs commit: nothing known about `'
  cvs commit: nothing known about `start-msvc6.bat'
  cvs commit: nothing known about `start-msvc71.bat'
  cvs commit: nothing known about `start-msvc8.bat'
  cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!

  Ben@SOLACEWIN ~/src/mozilla/trunk/mozilla/tools/build-environment/win32
  $ cvs st | grep File: | grep -v Up-to-date
  File:      Status: Locally Modified
  File:       Status: Locally Added
  File: start-msvc6.bat   Status: Locally Modified
  File: start-msvc71.bat  Status: Locally Modified
  File: start-msvc8.bat   Status: Locally Modified
bsmedberg says bug 373304 updated CVS to 1.11.22, but due to a packaging problem, it wasn't included in MozillaBuild 1.1.  We picked it up in MozillaBuild 1.2 because we wound up fixing the packaging problem.

This also seems to be causing a bug whereby multiple recursive copies of the source tree are checked out (under mozilla/build/autoconf/) during make -f checkout.  I checked, and using /bin/cvs.exe (which is 1.11) instead of /local/bin/cvs.exe (1.11.22) makes both of these problems go away.  :-(
Apparently this has been reported before:

I'm just going to roll back to 1.11 for 1.2, and we'll look into this for 1.3.
Assignee: nobody → ted.mielczarek
Summary: Unable to checkin using CVS → msys cvs 1.11.22 has issues
Not really a satisfying option, but MozillaBuild 1.2 is blocking beta3, and we're no worse off shipping 1.11 again than we are with MozillaBuild 1.1.  I don't know that there's a really easy answer to this, it might fix itself if we update all our msys packages or something, but that's out of scope for 1.2.
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stop building cvs 1.11.22 [checked in]

This is checked in.  Leaving this bug open for a better solution for MozillaBuild 1.3.
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Can we have a cvs version that also support pserver;proxy ?
Do you know what version that would be?  I would like to get a newer CVS into MozillaBuild, just that 1.11.22 from msys had a lot of bugs.
    As of CVS release 1.12.7, CVS supports connecting via HTTP proxies using "connection options" with a syntax like::

Not sure, how and when this is taken up in mingw...
We'll take another swing at this when we get around to MozillaBuild 1.3.
Assignee: ted.mielczarek → nobody
MozillaBuild's cvs can't do user:password check-outs either, which breaks anonymous checkouts of l10n from, which uses :-(.
No longer blocks: 394044
Don't think I care enough about CVS anymore for this to matter in our glorious future of hg.
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