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add top level Makefile targets to run test suites


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Right now running mochitest or reftest requires knowing an arcane commandline.  We should just have "mochitest" and "reftest" targets in the top level makefile.
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add "mochitest" target, and targets for each mochitest variant

Ack, hit enter too early. This is a rough draft of a patch that adds a "mochitest" target, to run all the mochitest variants, as well as a target per-variant. It's not terribly useful yet, since it won't error on failure, I don't think.
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Attached patch somewhat more complete (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This works for the basic mochitest case. browser-chrome output is different, so it won't work there. I haven't tried the a11y tests yet.

We need to get our test suites on the same page. :-/
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Depends on: 443090
Attached patch handles mochitest correctly (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Well now that I've done a bunch of work in bug 443090, this is easier! The changes are because I didn't fix that problem for browser-chrome when I fixed it for regular mochitest, apparently.
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handles mochitest correctly

I think this is good to go now.
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handles mochitest correctly

Are you sure you want to have all of these targets for all products? (aren't the browser-chrome tests Firefox-specific?) If you are, r=me... otherwise maybe we should put that part in browser/
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Good call, I'll move mochitest-browser to browser/ The other stuff won't work on a non-browser app, but I do want Firefox and SeaMonkey to both have access.
Made some tweaks and checked this in. Leaving the bug open to handle reftest.
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Are these documented somewhere (how to use them)?
No, I didn't get around to that yet. Also apparently I got backed out last night.
vlad found a bug in this, if you run without --log-file, it breaks mochitest. That might be what was causing problems yesterday. (Oops!)
Attachment #330976 - Attachment description: [checked in] mochitest targets, as checked in → mochitest targets, as checked in (the first time)
This fixes that stupid oversight in I'll push this when the tree goes green again...
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[checked in] fixed the bug in

Pushed to mozilla-central:
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ted, this resolved or should it stay open?
So far only "make mochitest" is supported. Something like "make reftest" is still missing.
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Note, documentation should be updated on at least: (I partially updated this, but deki is too frustrating for me)

Ideally, there should be a single document on running all the kinds of tests we have (aka what to do before checking in).
Waldo filed bug 468913 on reftest, so might as well close this.
Closed: 11 years ago
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Someone has already updated to cover this.
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.9.1b1
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