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Place the language drop-down inside the Actions box


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The language drop-down currently looks misplaced because it's outside the Actions box and not even vertically aligned. Let's place it inside the Actions box instead.

Of course, since the Actions box only includes actions, it might make sense to add a title above the drop-down, e.g.:

Translate this article
Select language:
[ lang dropdown ]
The Actions box contains only Print for non-contributors. What if instead of adding language to the actions box, we get rid of the actions box for non-contributors? "Print" shouldn't be even be there; there should just be a print stylesheet.
I agree with Jason's idea.
It will not just be Print for non-contributors (see bug 399871). I do think the actions box is a little misplaced in itself (why isn't it just a regular sidebar item like the rest of the tools?), but we will not just have Print. The original mockup also had a "Save a PDF" link.

As for removing Print and just using the stylesheet, I'm not sure. We should definitely have a print stylesheet (so it wouldn't matter if you click the Print link or select it from the File menu), but I'd like to figure out why so many mainstream sites have a conveniently placed Print link on the actual page as well. It seems to have become the norm, and I'd like to make sure that it has no user value before removing it.
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Here's what it looks like.

(In reply to comment #3)
> why so
> many mainstream sites have a conveniently placed Print link on the actual page
> as well.

Because they have articles spanning multiple pages.
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