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update text on /firefox/its-a-trap.html and /firefox/its-an-attack.html


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- should refer to malware protection, not phishing protection
- see also bug 423911
huh? its-a-trap is phishing protection while its-an-attack is malware protection... they are two different things. See also bug 394880.
Given the issue raised in bug 423622, that after a user has just installed Firefox the data for phishing and malware protection might not be fully downloaded and thus it could seem that phishing and malware protection are broken, perhaps text explaining that situation could be added to these pages?

And if something is implemented in Firefox along the lines of Jesse's suggestion in bug 423622 comment 4, the pages could refer to that.
In bug 422410 comment 38 I commented on the test pages, but is was suggested I'd take my comment here, so here it is...

Both pages that are used to demonstrate malware and phishing are too much
alike. You see in all the bugs, comments and discussions in bugzilla that the difference isn't clear. Judging by the sample pages it looks like you're talking about the same thing. its-an-attack.html even says "It's a trap!", copied from its-a-trap.html.

Maybe you could make the attack page more "friendly", not saying i'm a big bad
site, but: I'm your standard blogsite / favorite homepage and I seem very
friendly and look much the same as yesterday, but today I infected your
computer with some bad trojan.

I think this might help demonstrating the difference between malware and
Any progress so far or what's the status of this bug?
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When this was filed, I think its-an-attack was just a straight copy of its-a-trap, whereas they now have different content referring to their particular areas of concern.  They are stylistically similar, but that's deliberate, the content is different enough that I am content to close the bug as fixed.  its-an-attack also includes text like "Sometimes a site you trust can be turned into an Attack Site without the owner's knowledge." to speak to the hacked-wordpress-blog situation.

Marking this FIXED.
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Beltzner, are you fine with that? Does it mean we can start with bug 422980?
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