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Web services changes for Firefox 3 for Bulgarian


(Mozilla Localizations :: bg / Bulgarian, defect)

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(Reporter: mic, Assigned: ogi)



Tracking bug for search plugins, Live Bookmark and RSS Readers.
Please confirm that you will use the en-US defaults e.g.,
Search plugins: Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Answers, CC, Wikipedia
Readers: Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google
Mailto: GMail, YahooMail, Hotmail
Calendar: 30boxes, Google, Yahoo
if you have other suggestions, please make them. you can see the guidelines for recommendations here:
ping? if defaults are ok then I'd like to close this bug. please advise
Whiteboard: needs-patch
ping? can you weigh in on these comments now?
Blocks: fx3-l10n-bg
My recommendations are

Search plugins: (none)
Readers: (localized, instead of Bloglines)
LB: (the best choice IMHO)
Mailto: (very popular)
(please include gmail and yahoo handlers too; hotmail is very rare)
Calendar: (none)

search plugins - none - does that mean en-US defaults are ok from above?
i'll do a bit of research to see if i can offer any suggestions

readers: great

LB: looks like a news site, is this the primary bulgarian based new site? can you tell me a bit more about it

Mailto - ok - do you have a contact there we can talk to? otherwise I'll find someone and get in touch about technically enabling this. 

calendar - ok so we'll go with 30 boxes for now 
search plugins: there are candidates: , , But I'm under impression that none of them is really popular. is the oldest of the 3 and seems (IMO) to give the best search results. is new and there's some advertising campaign about it now. It's made by which is one of the most popular Internet portals (Yahoo!-like) in Bulgaria. is made by a guy since some years. IMO it gives bad search results which can be explained with its using full text search of MySQL + linking weights. is owned by a large media company. You can read more about this company in . There are other very good news sites but Dnevnik delivers quality and well-selected content with broad scope (politics, culture, science, technology, entertainment...).

BTW BBC Bulgaria was shut down some years ago. They said we are democratic enough. (Ha-ha.)

I've sent mail to Netinfo company who owns, with cc: to you (although I guess you don't read Bulgarian). has some support forms but they seems so strictly tight to specific mailbox problems that I decided to use more generic support channel. I hope it'll be redirected appropriately.
I have an answer from They are working on mailto: support. They are asking about policy for default mailto web handler. Is there such thing (default mailto web handler) in Firefox 3?
per comment #7 - it is possible to be listed as a default handler for mailto - the guidelines for this are here,

ping me on IRC for any other question
per comment #6, it seems from your suggestions that is your best recommendation for quality. i'l check on popularity of those you list.

if you'd like to try and make the 3.0.2 release (pike is this doable?) we could ship with en-us defaults for search and make any changes in a subsequent release. lmk what you think.

for rss fee - i will need to get their permission, so I will email them and post back what they say
Ognyan - can you help me find a contact at - i can't seem to find one - thanks
Contacts can be found in . (BTW Bulgarian is supported in Google Translate so you can use it to get rough idea about any content.) It seems that the appropriate email is . 
thanks mailing them now
Ognyan - to make the release we should ship with en-US defaults and change the defaults later. Please LMK what your preference is i.e., ship with en-US or make localized choices and ship with a subsequent release. I'm sorry for harsh question, just haven't heard back yet and we are running low on time. Please LMK what you think. thanks
Shipping with en-US and changing later is much more preferred.

received permission for feed change from Vladimir "Kaladan" Petkov
Direcotor Internet Bussines, Economedia for

incorporating into the spreadsheet we are tracking and over to Pike for server side changes

will move over search plug in discussions to another bug and report back bug number here for tracking purposes

pike can we close please?
Whiteboard: needs-patch → needs-pike
Blocks: 450579
Blocks: 450582
Blocks: 450583
Asking me questions works better if I get bugmail :-/

Anyway, this bug turned into the usual mess of mixed up discussion on this and that, I filed per-task bugs as follow ups to this.

I don't think we have all beta blockers resolved in search, see bug 450579 for details.

Resolving this bug INCOMPLETE, as it's not clear what it takes to fix it.

PS: The feed looks fine, not going to file a separate bug on that again, assuming we go for
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