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Update Mochitest Scriptaculous Test Suite to 1.8.1


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The test suite that we have for Scriptaculous is out of date, at this point, it should be upgraded to the latest version: 1.8.1.
Heather-  This is what you are working on next, right?
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This patch brings us up to Scriptaculous 1.8.1.  This time, I found three tests that are no longer working, and one that is.

Tests Disabled last time:
* ajax_autocompleter_test.html
* slider_test.html
* bdd_test.html

This time, I found that the bdd_test.html worked without causing any issues.  But a new test has started failing.  This patch has the following tests disabled:
* ajax_autocompleter_test.html
* slider_test.html
* ajax_inplaceeditor_test.html

All the other tests run in the test.  I'll ask for review once I test it on linux to be sure it's ok there.
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I found a gotcha: the previous patch was missing two files.  Those have been added to this version.  I tested this version on Mac OS X and windows and it works, all tests pass, except for those mentioned above, which I'll open follow-on bugs for.
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Rob C: are you the proper person to review this, or should it be Rob Sayre?

I've reviewed them in the past, though I'm not sure I'm the *correctest* person to do it at this point. Rob Sayre or Jeff Walden would be preferred.

That said, given the size of this patch, a line-by-line review is going to be time-consuming. Has this been tested in your local environment? How many platforms? Any changes to build code (i.e., makefiles)?
hey Clint, are you still waiting on a review from me for this?

How much has this patch been tested locally and on what platforms?
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Updated patch

this patch is probably pretty stale. Clearing review flags. Rerequest if we need a review for this. Also, consider updating bug status.
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The bug assignee is inactive on Bugzilla, so the assignee is being reset.

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