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Make Camino/xpfe use toolkit's license and build an appropriate app-specific copy


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #428332 +++

Now that bug 368091 is in, we should 

1) Make xpfe by default use the generic toolkit license, so that the xpfe license file can be eliminated (easy), and 

2) Make Camino process the toolkit version to add the MoFo EULA line back in, and (ideally) set up a chrome override to use that as about:licese or (more realistically, since we don't have an camino.jar) stuff the modified copy in Embed.jar in place of the copy we get from xpfe (which after 1 is really from toolkit).
Attached patch Does the deed, the quick way (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Here's a patch that does this, doing part 2 the quick way (just replacing the file in Embed.jar rather than setting up a whole new jar and chrome overrides and assorted fun).

Is there a better way to get the file into embed-replacements.tmp for rsyncing than what I'm doing now?
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How's this going to impact the building of Camino ML?
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Does the deed, the quick way

>Index: camino/


This will need to change to -DAPP_LICENSE_BLOCK on account of bug 464994.

>+# Generate a license.html file with an appropriate EULA line
>+generated/license.html: $(PLATFORM_LICENSE_FILE) $(CM_APP_LICENSE_FILE)
>+	$(PYTHON) $(MOZILLA_DIR)/config/ $(DEFINES) $< > $@
> # The embed-replacements rsync is done for both srcdir and objdir builds
> # to avoid adding CVS stuff to embed.jar.
> libs:: \
>   generated/resources/application/all-camino.js \
>   generated/Info-Camino.plist \
>   generated/resources/localized/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings \
>+  generated/license.html \
> 	$(RSYNC_ALL) $(srcdir)/embed-replacements/ embed-replacements.tmp
>+	mkdir -p embed-replacements.tmp/content/global/
>+	$(RSYNC_ALL) generated/license.html embed-replacements.tmp/content/global/
> 	cd embed-replacements.tmp && \
> 	  $(ZIP) -r0DX ../../dist/Embed/chrome/embed.jar *

I think now that we have pinstripe/ we might be able to abuse it and eliminate this hunk (and move all the machinery into that Makefile); not sure.

>Index: camino/config/app-license.html
>RCS file: camino/config/app-license.html
>diff -N camino/config/app-license.html
>--- /dev/null	1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 -0000
>+++ camino/config/app-license.html	2 May 2008 02:36:42 -0000
>@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
>+    <p>Official <b>binaries</b> of this product released by the 
>+    <a href="">Mozilla Foundation</a>
>+    are made available under 
>+    <a href="">the corresponding 
>+    EULA</a>.</p>

Firefox changed theirs to, but no one else has made the corresponding change; depending on what we do wrt to EULA, we may want to change this, too.
We can indeed shoehorn the license.html preprocessing and jarring into our pinstripe Makefile and, which makes things much easier and cleaner.  I wasn't able to get the actual "chrome override" stuff working (it may not be supported in the old chrome code), so we still just overwrite the content/global/license.html file in the jar, but that's life.

As before, anyone else still using xpfe ends up with a generic license.html appropriate for projects, and xpfe's copy of license.html goes away forever.
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A better quick way

+    <a href="">the corresponding 
+    EULA</a>.</p>

Prefer the link to just be "EULA" or "corresponding EULA", without "the".
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A better quick way

I'll fix mento's "what part is linkified" on checkin.
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A better quick way

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A better quick way

Requesting approval on the Core (xpfe/) parts of this patch.

This is low-risk; Camino is the only current known 1.9.anything consumer of the xpfe copy of license.html that's being removed here, but the xpfe jar manifest is still being changed to do the right thing for any unknown consumers.  This is the final part of bug 368091, which eliminates multiple copies of license.html (about:license) in the tree!
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A better quick way

Approved for a=ss
Checked in on cvs trunk.  One license.html to rule them all.
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