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Crash [@ nsListBoxBodyFrame::GetNextItemBox] with <xul:listbox>, XBL


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(Reporter: jruderman, Assigned: bzbarsky)


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(5 keywords, Whiteboard: [sg:critical?] needs r=bzbarsky)

Crash Data


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Loading the testcase makes Firefox crash [@ nsListBoxBodyFrame::GetNextItemBox].
I can reproduc it with Linux /Firefox 30b5 :
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; fr; rv:1.9b5) Gecko/2008032619 Firefox/3.0b5
Component: XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL → XUL
QA Contact: xptoolkit.xul → xptoolkit.widgets
(I tested this on mozilla-central latest-trunk nightly build on WinXP SP3)

!exploitable shows this is probably exploitable, turning security-sensitive and nominating blocking1.9.1?

0:000> !exploitable -v
Executing Processor Architecture is x86
Debuggee is in User Mode
Debuggee is a live user mode debugging session on the local machine
Event Type: Exception
Exception Faulting Address: 0x0
First Chance Exception Type: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005)
Exception Sub-Type: Read Access Violation

Faulting Instruction:1062c568 mov eax,dword ptr [esi]

Basic Block:
    1062c568 mov eax,dword ptr [esi]
       Tainted Input Operands: esi
    1062c56a mov ecx,esi
       Tainted Input Operands: esi
    1062c56c call dword ptr [eax+4ch]
       Tainted Input Operands: eax, ecx

Exception Hash (Major/Minor): 0x6224767a.0x6444e23

Stack Trace:
Instruction Address: 0x1062c568

Description: Data from Faulting Address controls Code Flow
Short Description: TaintedDataControlsCodeFlow
Exploitability Classification: PROBABLY_EXPLOITABLE
Recommended Bug Title: Probably Exploitable - Data from Faulting Address controls Code Flow starting at xul!nsListBoxBodyFrame::GetNextItemBox+0x46 (Hash=0x6224767a.0x6444e23)

The data from the faulting address is later used as the target for a branch.
Group: core-security
Flags: blocking1.9.1?
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Whiteboard: [sg:critical?]
Assignee: nobody → Olli.Pettay
Assignee: Olli.Pettay → nobody
I'm seeing a null-dereference; I think that's because we've created a content tree where a particular node has no parent, although I don't completely follow what's going on.
If I breakpoint in the nsListBoxBodyFrame::OnContentRemoved call from that removeChild call, here's what the relevant part of the frametree looks like:

                Box(listboxbody)(0)@0x14ef838 [view=0x1d718510] {0,0,71100,11880} [state=80802000] [content=0x1d710f50] [sc=0x14f94e0] pst=:-moz-scrolled-content<
                  nsGridRowLeaf(listitem)(0)@0x14f9828 next=0x14e9c14 {0,0,71100,840} [state=80c00010] [content=0x1c7bb7e0] [sc=0x14f97cc]<
                    Box(listcell)(-1)@0x14e986c {60,60,70980,720} [state=80600000] [content=0x1d71a410] [sc=0x14f96b8]<
                      XULLabel(label)(-1)@0x14e9b98 {0,330,70980,60} [state=00d00000] sc=0x14e9aa8(i=0,b=0)<
                  nsGridRowLeaf(listitem)(-1)@0x14e9c14 next=0x14e9d3c {0,840,71100,840} [state=80c00000] [content=0x1c7bb870] [sc=0x14f97cc]<
                    Box(listcell)(-1)@0x14e9c7c {60,60,70980,720} [state=80600000] [content=0x1d71dee0] [sc=0x14f96b8]<
                      XULLabel(label)(-1)@0x14e9ce4 {0,330,70980,60} [state=00d00000] sc=0x14e9aa8(i=0,b=0)<
                  nsGridRowLeaf(listitem)(-1)@0x14e9d3c {0,1680,71100,840} [state=80c00000] [content=0x1c7bb870] [sc=0x14f97cc]<
                    Box(listcell)(-1)@0x14e9da4 {60,60,70980,720} [state=80600000] [content=0x1d71dee0] [sc=0x14f96b8]<
                      XULLabel(label)(-1)@0x14e9e0c {0,330,70980,60} [state=00d00000] sc=0x14e9aa8(i=0,b=0)<

Note that the second and third nsGridRowLeaf frames have the same content node; in fact the node we're removing.  So we remove one of them, and then have a frame in the tree which points to a content node whose parent is null.  When we dereference that null later, we crash.
The only reason XBL was needed was to make sure that:

1)  A frame reconstruct (and in particular a ContentInserted) happened
2)  No frame was constructed for the content passed to

This testcase just uses display:none on the listitem for similar effect.  We call nsListBoxBodyFrame::OnContentInserted, which calls nsListBoxBodyFrame::CreateRows, which does the whole GetNextItemBox thing.  Then GetNextItemBox calls CreatListBoxContent, which returns null.  This triggers this lovely bit of code:

      if (result) {
        if (aCreated)
           *aCreated = PR_TRUE;
      } else
        return GetNextItemBox(aBox, ++aOffset, aCreated);

which then tries to construct a frame for the next content... but we have a frame for it already.
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Assignee: nobody → bzbarsky
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I think this is the right thing to do; just skipping the create if GetPrimaryFrameFor() returns something different from mLinkupFrame might not work well if mRowsToPrepend > 0.  But then again, I'm not quite sure exactly what this code should be doing when mRowsToPrepend > 0....
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Attachment #370256 - Flags: review?(roc)
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Attachment #370256 - Flags: superreview?(roc)
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Flags: blocking1.9.1? → blocking1.9.1+
Priority: -- → P2
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diff -w

>@@ -1203,30 +1203,34 @@ nsListBoxBodyFrame::GetNextItemBox(nsIBo
>     PRInt32 i = parentContent->IndexOf(prevContent);
I didn't try the first test case, but the second test case crashes here; is that supposed to happen? Note that this is a debug build, so I'm assuming it's not doing any optimisation tricks that would result in a confusing stack.
Yes, the second testcase is expected to crash on that line (as does the first).  parentContent is null, since prevContent is no longer in the document.
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No test pushed yet, as usual.  :(
Closed: 12 years ago
Flags: in-testsuite?
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Proposed fix

Presumably need this on 1.9.0 as well, right?  Not sure which is the right milestone to request approval for there.
Attachment #370254 - Flags: approval1.9.0.9?
Attachment #370254 - Flags: approval1.9.0.10?
Attachment #370254 - Flags: approval1.9.0.9?
Depends on: 486842
Depends on: 486848
Component: XUL → XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL
QA Contact: xptoolkit.widgets → xptoolkit.xul
Attachment #371189 - Flags: approval1.9.0.10?
Attachment #370254 - Flags: approval1.9.0.10?
Keywords: fixed1.9.1
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roll-up patch suitable for 1.9.0 branch

Approved for a=ss
Attachment #371189 - Flags: approval1.9.0.10? → approval1.9.0.10+
Fixed in CVS.
Keywords: fixed1.9.0.10
v 1.9.0, 1.9.1, 1.9.2 mac
Affects 1.8.1 too.
Flags: wanted1.8.1.x+
Attached patch 1.8.0 patchSplinter Review
There's a patch for 1.8.0 there, works fine for the second testcase but cycles in an endless loop for the first one.
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1.8.0 patch

Boris, can you spot check this for 1.8.0/1.8.1?
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Flags: →
Whiteboard: [sg:critical?] → [sg:critical?] needs r=bzbarsky
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1.8.0 patch

Looks ok
Attachment #378005 - Flags: review?(bzbarsky) → review+
Attachment #378005 - Flags:
Attachment #378005 - Flags: →
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1.8.0 patch

Approved for, a=dveditz for release-drivers
Fix checked into the 1.8(.1) branch
Checking in layout/xul/base/src/nsListBoxBodyFrame.cpp;
/cvsroot/mozilla/layout/xul/base/src/nsListBoxBodyFrame.cpp,v  <--  nsListBoxBodyFrame.cpp
new revision:; previous revision:
Keywords: fixed1.8.1.22
Verified using Seamonkey nightly (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090604 SeaMonkey/1.1.17pre). Last shipped version crashes on testcase but the new nightly does not.
Group: core-security
Checked in the two tests on m-c, 1.9.1, and 1.9.0.
Flags: in-testsuite? → in-testsuite+
Blocks: 488210
No longer blocks: 488210
Depends on: 488210
Crashing still on the first test case (not the second one), using Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090606 SeaMonkey/1.1.17
Crash Signature: [@ nsListBoxBodyFrame::GetNextItemBox]
Moving to Core:XUL per
Component: XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL → XUL
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