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Move database load from master to slaves


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This means adding this functionality to Tiki.  It seems like it should go into the database layer.

(I was sure we already had a bug for this: please dupe this if it already exists.)
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This blocks a release blocker - what's our ETA?
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Nearly done - aiming to get the patch into review tomorrow.
To test this, you'll need a shadowdb, and to add the following lines to your db/local.php e.g.
$shadow_host ='[host]';
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Basic master-slave support for tikiwiki

This works on khan - would like to see some tests instead of the echo/debug statements, but let's get this checked in and up in staging so we can test it.
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Basic master-slave support for tikiwiki

Also, make sure that when we deploy this we make people aware of the config change.  Laura - that is up to you.
Fixed in r15181.  We will load test and test on stage next.
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The database layer was almost entirely rewritten as part of making PDO optional. Direct upstreaming did not make sense. As a result, a different implementation was made. However, it should behave in a very similar way and be compatible.

Tiki commit r22653 and installer updates in r22654.

How do I flag tiki_upstreamed?
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> How do I flag tiki_upstreamed?

Simply add the string to the Whiteboard field (I just did it for this bug). Thanks!
Whiteboard: [server side] tiki_feature → [server side] tiki_feature tiki_upstreamed didn't have "editbugs" in Bugzilla; he now does.
Thanks Stephen!
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