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[mozilla-central] DOMI extension version wasn't bumped


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The DOM inspector extension version wasn't bumped on mozilla-central along with the version bump, so a DOMI built in mozilla-central isn't compatible with the build produced.

(As somebody who needs DOMI to get work done (like debugging bug 433883), I'm really getting tired of running into this.)
Component: Build Config → DOM Inspector
Product: Core → Other Applications
QA Contact: build-config → dom-inspector
bah - this was fixed in CVS by timeless.  I was under the impression that cvs trunk was still being merged into mozilla-central; is that wrong?
sdwilsh:  see bug 433426 comment 4 - might this be fallout from that?
wait, nevermind.  Silly me...

mozilla-central's version is 3.1a1pre, which DOMi doesn't support.  I'll have a patch today or tomorrow.  Looks like I get to try and check something into mozilla-central sooner than later...
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This should become part of the standard version bump routine, not something that you have to do a few days later.
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Any reason the DOMI file can't be preprocessed to make this bump automatic ?
It used to be pre-processed when it was part of the default build.  However, that is no longer the case, so the automatic preprocessing was removed.
Why don't we just change it back, then?
because I'm not fond/comfortable of doing a bump without first making sure it works on that version.
I would say that if you're making it difficult for dbaron to do work, then you're negating any benefit you might get from trying to manually keep the maxVersion updated.
Though I'm not sure how you preprocess in all the appropriate app version numbers for all the different apps in the install.rdf.
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rs=me (you can't expect me to review this when I don't have a 3.1a1pre tree yet...
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(In reply to comment #12)
> (From update of attachment 321774 [details] [diff] [review])
> rs=me (you can't expect me to review this when I don't have a 3.1a1pre tree
> yet...
Sorry - I'm really lacking peers ;)

Anyone know the policy about pushing to mozilla-central?
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After much fun, I got this pushed.
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