Message pane content rendering should pass Acid2 at same level as Fx



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while acid3 seems to be close to fx, scoring 68 vs. 71, acid2 fails pretty badly.  mark banner thinks it may be mathml builds.  changing security policy in all.js to allAccess for script DOM access has no effect.

the below testcase script can be pasted into a Console Evaluate textbox and executed, changing the loadURI var to either url1 or url2 for both acid test.

var url1 = "";var url2 = "";var threePane = Components.classes[';1'].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIWindowMediator).getMostRecentWindow("mail:3pane");gBrowser = threePane.document.getElementById("messagepane");gBrowser.loadURI(url1, null, null);

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I believe I was wrong about mathml being required to fix this. I took a look at the documentation and found a version that doesn't use data: urls here:

Thunderbird does much better in this test, just the eyes are wrong, looking at the errors, its a bit hard to tell, but could still be a url loading issue. I expect it would do much better with the acid 3 test as well.

Bug 429817 also mentions it would be good for Thunderbird to enable data urls, so adding dependency.
Depends on: 429817
After some more investigation, we have found...

Acid 2:
- Apply the patch in bug 429817
- Set mailnews.message_display.allow.plugins to true

Test Passes.

Acid 3:
- Apply the patch in bug 429817
- Set mailnews.message_display.allow.plugins to true
- Set javascript.allow.mailnews to true

Test gets to 85 / 100 (same as Firefox), although it does show "Linktest failed" (test 48).

The "Linktest failed" appears to be due to the fact that we don't keep history in the message window (as we're not a browser).

Therefore, where we currently fail is due to bug 429817, security reasons, or things it just doesn't make sense to support in the message window.

As bug 429817 (the main problem) is already wanted+ setting this to wanted- as the other failures we don't need to fix as they don't affect content rending for the majority of users.
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3? → wanted-thunderbird3-
Bug 429817 is now fixed. From the next nightly you will be able to turn on enabling of plugins and acid 2 will pass.

Acid 3 won't work currently due to disabling of javascript which is bug 453943. For the acid 3 tests there may be specific areas Thunderbird fails due to mailnews security restrictions or other reasons.

Given the current inability to test acid 3 and the fact that Firefox is currently working on improve it, I'd like to close this bug out as Acid 2 being fixed. If you wish to file one on acid 3, please feel free to, but that will be dependent on what happens in bug 453943, and I would also recommend it being dependent on Firefox achieving a pass before we do any work on looking at the specific issues if there are any.

Generally I am confident that our message pane rending is the same as Firefox, with the exception that we may block some items due to security reasons. I'm not saying we won't look at improving the test results, but its not a high priority.
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Summary: Message pane content rendering should pass Acid2 and Acid3 at same level as Fx → Message pane content rendering should pass Acid2 at same level as Fx
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