JavaScript component does not have a method named: "handleEvent"' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]




9 years ago
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(Reporter: Lindsey, Unassigned)


3.6 Branch
Windows XP

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9 years ago
User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008070208 Firefox/3.0.1
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008070208 Firefox/3.0.1

Hi there

I see this error in my error console everyday . I have no clue what i do to cause this

Error: [Exception... "'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "handleEvent"' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]"  nsresult: "0x80570030 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JSOBJECT_HAS_NO_FUNCTION_NAMED)"  location: "<unknown>"  data: no]

Reproducible: Sometimes

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Default Firefox 3.0.1 install

Comment 1

9 years ago
not a security bug
Group: core-security
That's an internal error, you're not causing it. Maybe a bum extension.

Do you know what page you're on when it happens?

What addons (if any) do you have installed?

Comment 3

9 years ago

I have no clue how to reproduce this at all. I don't even know what page im on when this happens. But it happens at least once a day
Lindsey, do you have any extension installed?
Summary: Dunno where this happened but happens everyday! → JavaScript component does not have a method named: "handleEvent"' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]
This probably happens because some kind of extension is installed that has a component that hasn't written code for the handleEvent thing.

Comment 6

9 years ago
Reproducible with Shredder.  No extension required.  See Bug 476422

Comment 7

9 years ago
On second thought, probably not the same component triggering it, for the reporter, that's triggering it in Shredder, so ignore my comment. :-/

Comment 8

8 years ago
I started noticing this in my error console today. It happens for me on every single keystroke, regardless of cursor position. I have 10 or so add-ons, but I disabled every one to no avail.

Comment 9

8 years ago
This error is showing up consistently for me. 

It seems to have to do with the CTRL+V paste keyboard shortcut. I can replicate it across every application and website I've tried. I think it may be slowing my Firefox sessions down too. After a while, response time slows to a crawl, and the only way to fix it is to restart Firefox.

I'm using Firefox v.3.5.3 on a Windows machine running XP Pro. I've got a lot of add-ons installed, but I don't think it's one of them. I disabled most of them--"most" because I need Firebug on in order to track the error and I've had some installed from before I started seeing this error--and still got this error, so I re-enabled them.     

My config:

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090824 Firefox/3.5.3

Enabled Extensions: [40]

    * Add-on Collector 1.0.4
    * Better Gmail 2 0.9.5
    * ChromaTabs Plus 2.2
    * CodeBurner for Firebug 1.2
    * ColorZilla 2.0.2
    * CookieSwap 0.5.248Beta
    * Custom Toolbar Buttons
    * Download Statusbar
    * Extended Statusbar 1.5.4
    * Favicon Picker 3 0.5
    * FaviconizeTab
    * Firebug 1.4.3
    * FireFTP 1.0.6
    * Forecastfox
    * FoxClocks 2.5.35
    * Hide Caption Titlebar Plus
    * Hide Find Bar 1.3.1
    * Html Validator
    * IdentFavIcon 0.3
    * IE NetRenderer 0.9.5
    * Image Zoom 0.3.1
    * InstaClick 1.4
    * MeasureIt 0.3.9
    * MileWideBack 0.2.9
    * MR Tech Toolkit
    * Multiple Tab Handler 0.4.2009073101
    * NoUn Buttons 1.1.3
    * Organize Status Bar 0.6.3
    * Personas 1.3
    * QuickPageZoom 1.6.2
    * Searchbar Autosizer 1.4.2
    * Smart Bookmarks Bar 1.4.3
    * Source Viewer Tab 0.3.2009090201
    * Tab History 1.0.6
    * Tab Mix Plus
    * Text Link 3.1.2009032701
    * Web Developer 1.1.8
    * WordPress Helper 1.1.1
    * Xmarks 3.3.2
    * YSlow 2.0.1

Installed Themes: [1]

    * Default

Installed Plugins: (9)

    * Adobe Acrobat
    * Microsoft® DRM
    * Mozilla Default Plug-in
    * QuickTime Plug-in 6.5.1
    * RealJukebox NS Plugin
    * RealPlayer Version Plugin
    * RealPlayer(tm) G2 LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In (32-bit)
    * Shockwave Flash
    * Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library
I guess it's caused by Firebug then.

Comment 11

8 years ago
Seriously?  Isn't that like blaming the smoke alarm for the fire?  But I guess it's possible.
In about:config, you van set javascript.options.showInConsole to true, to get chrome errors, you don't necessarily need Firebug for that.

I guess I was too quick with my conclusion in comment 10, but I can't reproduce this issue.

Comment 13

8 years ago
For information, I got exactly the same error message issued 10 times with thunderbird 3.0beta4, when clicking options in a new message:

Start a new message  by clicking on write; a new window pops up;
click on options;
the error message is issued 10 times in ErrorConsole
The menu Options include 10 items 
Normally I have no active extensions launching thunderbird in safe-mode by:
tb32jf -P tb32beta4 --jsconsole --safe-mode &
where tb32jf is a slight modification of the standard script in order to run thunderbird 32bit in an AMD64 system.
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686 (x86_64); en-US; rv: Gecko/20090915 Thunderbird/3.0b4
For info the shell script:
It includes an ugly hack with .pangorc to have readable fonts;
and forcing GTK_PATH in order to be able to print from Thunderbird 32-bit. 
jf@viroX64 ~ $ cat /usr/bin/tb32jf
rm /home/jf/.pangorc
ln -s /home/jf/.pangorc-32bit /home/jf/.pangorc
export GTK_PATH=/usr/lib32/gtk-2.0 

cd "."
if [ -n "" ] ; then
	if [ "${LD_LIBRARY_PATH+set}" = "set" ] ; then
		export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=""
exec /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird "$@"

Comment 14

7 years ago
The error I have doesn't seem to be in extension code. But maybe it's caused by one.
As the line contains "popupBox.hidePopup();" it may be Adblock Plus.

Error: [Exception... "'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "handleEvent"' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]"  nsresult: "0x80570030 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JSOBJECT_HAS_NO_FUNCTION_NAMED)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://global/content/bindings/popup.xml :: hidePopup :: line 98"  data: no]

Comment 15

6 years ago
Error: [Exception... "'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "handleEvent"' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]"  nsresult: "0x80570030 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JSOBJECT_HAS_NO_FUNCTION_NAMED)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://global/content/bindings/popup.xml :: hidePopup :: line 108"  data: no]
Source File: chrome://global/content/bindings/popup.xml
Line: 108

Application: Firefox 10.0 (20120129021758)
Operating System: WINNT (x86-msvc)

- BarTab Lite 1.2
- Download Statusbar 0.9.10
- Extension List Dumper 1.15.2
- Firebug 1.9.1
- Firefogg 2.9.19 (Disabled)
- FireFTP 2.0.1
- Flashblock
- FromWhereToWhere 0.25.0 (Disabled)
- Memory Fox 7.4
- Mozilla Archive Format 2.0.4
- New Tab JumpStart 0.5a5.4.3
- NoScript 2.2.9
- Places Maintenance 1.3 (Disabled)
- Session History Tree 1.0 (Disabled)
- Session Manager
- Showcase (Disabled)
- Tab History Menu 2.1.1 (Disabled)

64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise on 2.91 GHz Xeon and Quadro FX 1800. 3.5/6.0 GB RAM used.
Firefox 3.6 is now EOL, please try latest version of Firefox and feel free to open if it reproducible on latest build
for support
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Whiteboard: [testday-20120615]
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch

Comment 17

5 years ago
I get this within Firebug Console on FF 13.0.1 with Firebug 1.9.2
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