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move cookies to async sqlite api


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we have various bugs involving the cookie db getting corrupted, with no way to recover from it other than the user deleting their cookies.sqlite file. this results from something going wrong at some point (either an internal sqlite bug, OS crash, etc - which is more of an issue given that we use synchronous=OFF), and not having any code to deal with db operation failures.

there are a couple of fixes that sdwilsh and i have discussed and that seem reasonable:

1) implement a db integrity check on startup. this would have to be kicked off on another thread to avoid a big startup penalty. doing this would detect corruption and nuke the db.

2) move cookies entirely to the async api, make all the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements async, and have an error handler that nukes the db if one of them fails. the main reason for going async here is actually perf but the durability is a bonus.

would like to get this for 3.2 depending on whether sdwilsh or i have time to do it.
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So nuke the DB, and recreate from the in-memory hashtable, I assume?
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Patrick, are you resolving this because it's no longer a problem?
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it no longer blocks anything, it doesn't seem to be generating other error reports, and nobody is working on it.

if someone opens a bug and has a patch and justification for it we can talk - but we don't need to clutter bugzilla in an open state with every idea anyone had.
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