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Consider reenabling drag images in Thunderbird on Linux


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Bug 422700 disabled using an image of what you're dragging for drag feedback on Linux by setting nglayout.enable_drag_images to false, because the image wasn't translucent so you would have to very carefully pick up selected emails by the corner to be able to see where you were going to drop them.

Bug 376238 added translucency for drag feedback images, but only for people with a compositing window manager. Ideally, it would instead check whether or not translucency will work, and enable or disable drag images based on that, but I don't know whether that's even possible. Lacking that, at some point we'll have to decide when "enough" people have a compositing window manager to make it reasonable to require that those who don't will need to find a hidden pref to making dragging non-annoying.
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