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Mouse left click not honored on any page.


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Windows XP
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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080702 Firefox/
Build Identifier: Firefox 3 (2 versions)  No exact identifier, since I uninstalled the thing

Mouse left click ignored on all pages; I can use it to navigate between tabs and (SOMETIMES) to access menu entries.  Close program button is never honored.  The only to exit the program is to kill it with task manager.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Start Firefox
Actual Results:  
Unable to navigate loaded page with mouse.
Position seems to track Ok
Right click seems to be honored

Expected Results:  

Allow page navigation
Happens on two laptops:
a) Acer travelmate 4100, 1.5 Ghz, 2 G memory
b) Dell inspiron 4000, .9 GHz, .5 G memory
Both computers work fine with Version
Well, I guess one of your add-ons is not suitable for Firefox 3 and is causing this behavior, or maybe your mouse driver needs an update? You could try out the following trouble-shooting options:

- Firefox's safe-mode to exclude extension/theme problems
- a new profile
- a reinstall in a new empty folder

Doesnt work in safe mode.  mouse only effective in some ot the menus.
both computers running xp professional sp3
currently installed in separate directory.  Again, version is fine, 3.0.1 is not
Doesnt work in safe mode.  mouse only effective in some ot the menus.
both computers running xp professional sp3
currently installed in separate directory.  Again, version is fine, 3.0.1 is not
Same problem here. Also see a LOT of others with same problems at this Moz thread:

Safe mode / reinstall / different folder is irrelevant to this problem, it seems. However it WAS working ok originally, and has changed over time. Some MS update, perhaps (running XP SP2 here)? Or are we all running the same anti-virus (AVG in my case)?

Need to do some digging. Is there a way to start FF3 in "debug" mode to see what events are / are not being triggered?
I'm suspecting AVG, can you try running without for a while to see if that
helps?  (disable it in Tools->Add-ons under Plugins, then restart FF).
I can confirm this bug in Minefield:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.1b1pre) Gecko/20080929033431 Minefield/3.1b1pre

But not in Firefox:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092417 Firefox/3.0.3

Both are in the same computer, same OS - XP SP3.
(In reply to comment #7)
> I can confirm this bug in Minefield

Does the bug occur in safe-mode etc? (see comment 2)
Did you try disabling plugins? (see comment 6)
I do not run AVG but Bitdefender, and XP SP2, with Firefox 3.03, and have the same problem. However, it is on and off. It seems to be decided at logon time. If the mouse does not work properly in Firefox, it will not start working by restarting Firefox. But it might start working by restarting the computer. If it does not work, activating another program and then returning to Firefox will allow for one mouse click to work, but whenever a new tab/window/load is opened, the mouse stops working. This is really annoying and requires either enormous patience or going to Internet Explorer.
Got it!

Disabling Yahoo! Toolbar in Minefield fixes the problem.

The very same Yahoo toolbar on Firefox 3.0.3 works fine even if enabled.

I don't have AVG. I am using Trend Micro OfficeScan.
Unfortunately it's not so easy.
agron_ca: for you it worked. For others not.

Please go and see to other support forum (it's not the one listed in comment #5)

It seems that this can be a major problem for Firefox 3.
Firefox 2 works fine (on my wife's PC). Firefox 3 (no matter which version and which plugins are installed) hangs almost immediately. The work with the browser is painful - it almost resembles working with totally broken PC. 

Her PC has Windows XP sp3 home (Polish language version), it's 800MHZ PentiumIII. DIsplay driver is S3.
Bug 505067 is on the yahoo! toolbar in 3.5. If you create a new profile does this happen in 3.5.3 or later?
I am now having this problem after using Firefox to access an enterprise Adobe Acrobat WebMeeting application. Firefox is 3.5.7 on Windows XP.

My behavior:
1. Open Firefox (it does not matter whether it is in safe mode or not)
2. Navigate to a web page
3. Navigate to a second web page
4. Use the back button visible in the top-left corner of the browser

At this point, the title bar and all tabs stop responding to mouse actions. They do respond to keyboard actions. Functionality can be temporarily restored by alt+tabbing to another program and returning.

Other interaction with parts of Firefox that are not the tab also cause this problem. Interacting with the tab list, for example by closing a tab or clicking on a second tab, cause this behavior. Interacting with the menu bar -- for example, accessing "About Firefox" to verify the version of Firefox I'm using -- also cause this problem. Interestingly enough, the "About Firefox" window is also affected.

These other interactions must include a mouse click. Mouseovers do not trigger this effect, and neither do keyboard actions. I can open up "About Firefox" with keyboard shortcuts and it will continue to respond to the mouse properly.

Safe mode displays the same problems and I believe that it is therefore unrelated to add-ons/extensions. Restarting Firefox, or restarting my computer, does not appear to solve the problem.
Did a quick survey of what's affected. I have no idea if this helps anyone or not.

Affected windows/dialogues/interfaces

Object				Triggers Problem?	Affected By Problem?

Import Wizard			No			Yes
Firebug				Yes			No
Sidebars			Yes			No
Page Source			No			Yes
History/Library			Yes			No
Downloads			Yes			Yes
Add-Ons Dialogue		Yes			Yes
Error Console			No			Yes
Page Info			Yes			No
Tools > Options			No			Yes

Report a broken web site:
RaBWS Privacy Policy Dialogue	No			Yes
RaBWS Privacy POlicy Text	Yes			No
RaBWS dialogue			No			Yes

Check for Updates		Yes			No
About Firefox			No			Yes
what mouse driver and mfgr?
Severity: critical → major
Logitech, in my case.
Logitech (MX Revolution)
Reporter, please retest with Firefox 3.6.12 or later in a fresh profile ( Also update your plugins (flash, adobe reader, java, quicktime, silverlight, etc.) Go to the developer's website and download the latest version from there. If you no longer see this issue, please close this bug as RESOLVED, WORKSFORME. If you do see the bug, please post a comment.
Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 2010-12-01]
Testing Firefox 3.6.12 proves that the manifested behaviour has disappeared.
No reply, INCOMPLETE. Please retest with Firefox 3.6.12 or later and a new profile ( If you continue to see this issue with the newest firefox and a new profile, then please comment on this bug.
Closed: 9 years ago
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