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Please add pt-BR to all-locales


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(Reporter: asrail, Assigned: kairo)


The pt-BR translation for the "suite" directory is complete right now.

It still requiring a lot of revision, but being distributed on the pre-alpha phase will help the users to spot any error on translation.

There is no symbol missing and there are some obsolete symbols to be removed (I'll try to automatize that soon).

The translation is already on l10n-central.

The log is available on:
I couldn't import that for l10n-central because I've changed some toolkit files and would be impossible to import some changes and leave other alones on hg.

So on l10n-central there is just one changeset for all changes on the suite translation... has duplicate copies of the search plugins we already have in the original, please remove the .src and .png files, they will be included from the original automatically.
OK, done.

There are a few untranslated strings, mainly on prefs.

So it's "almost complete".
But the symbols already are there, so it builds.
OK, added pt-BR to all-locales; please watch bug 446119 for when you'll get actualy builds out of this.
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