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The lang.version entity as in is not used any more but there are multiple mentionings of MOZILLA_LOCALE_VERSION still around in the tree, see

We should remove those that are not needed any more, i.e. the contents.rdf files in mozilla-central, etc.
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This is the mozilla-central part, removing all the chrome-versions that were only needed by the old chrome registry which has died as well now. The occurrences I've not killed should be covered by the patches in bug 451909.
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This is the comm-central part - not much to do here actually :)
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DOMi still builds a contents.rdf, but only for the locale, not for anything else, even though that's unneeded as the manifest entry take precedence anyway.
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mozilla-central patch to kill those chrome versions

>diff --git a/xpfe/components/download-manager/resources/ b/xpfe/components/download-manager/resources/
>-ifneq (,$(filter OS2 WINNT WINCE,$(OS_ARCH)))
>-DIRS		= win
> ifneq (,$(filter mac cocoa,$(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT)))
> DIRS		= mac
> else
>-DIRS		= unix

Oops, that should be an endif that gets left over instead of the else.
This removes that stuff from ChatZilla - the make* scripts have set it to empty all the time anyway, so just do that by default for the contents.rdf files (and the new manifest stuff doesn't need it at all).
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And here's the venkman patch - as for ChatZilla, we were setting this to empty for the make* scripts all the time, so we're coding contents.rdf to have it like that by default.
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venkman patch (checked in)

Looks good to me.
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comm-central patch (checked in)

You should also remove the preprocess '*' from the start of the brand.dtd line in suite/locales/

r=me with that fixed.
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comm-central patch (checked in)

Pushed as
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venkman patch (checked in)

checked in the venkman part as well (in cvs trunk).
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ChatZilla patch (checked in)

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DOMi patch (checked in)

r=sdwilsh; I'm waiving the sr requirement for this patch.
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ChatZilla patch (checked in)

Checked in the ChatZilla part on cvs trunk.
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DOMi patch (checked in)

DOMi part pushed as
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Main mozilla-central part pushed as
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