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Message Header display shouldn't get the show references pref for each item of the header displayed


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Thunderbird 3.0a3


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I just noticed this whilst doing the inline edit card bug.

When we display a header, we loop round all the individual elements displayed and do the appropriate things to update them.

As part of that we are working out whether or not to display references - each time round the loop we are getting the value of the pref over the xpcom interface.

Its probably not going to affect us much perf wise, but we still shouldn't be doing it.

I've moved it into a pref observer (which we already have) and updating it from there. As its a hidden pref a MsgReload won't affect us much, but will update the display if something changes.
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Ftr, SeaMonkey read this pref in OnLoadMsgHeaderPane() too/only, but doesn't update it after that ... so I change my mind and think there is no (current) need to port this bug to SM.
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