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Master Password prompt displays twice when directly accessing site that requires login on a new browser session


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Windows XP
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For a company that I work with (see url) I receive direct links to a task system that requires me to login.  If opening a new session (i.e. Firefox not at all open) I get my initial master password prompt, after entering password I get the login prompt for the site (Firefox correctly stores login info - all I do is press OK) and the master password prompt comes up a second time.  I do not need to enter the master password the second time, all I do is cancel it and the site loads and I access the information that I need.  

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Have master password set on passwords
2. Access a site that requires a logon with credentials
3a. Master password prompt displays
3b. Site login prompt appears (Firefox does correctly store login info)
3c. Second Master password prompt displays but has no impact on password access or site access - can be canceled.
Actual Results:  
I get the prompts, enter in correct masterpassword, OK the login credentials for the site and masterpassword prompt displays a second time.

Expected Results:  
I should get the masterpassword prompt only once, accept the saved site login info and go onto the site without receiving the masterpassword prompt a second time.

This is the only situation that I can get this to occur.  Does the some on XP and Vista installs on different machines.
I tested it exactly as described and it only displays ONE password prompt. However if you make FF start with two (or more) password-asking sites it behaves exactly as described.

Is this a duplicate of bug 348897?
Sorry for the mistake - I meant bug 248997.
Once again - I meant bug 348997.

How can I edit or delete my comments if I make a mistake?
I agree with Rumen Avramov about reproducing this - I get similar behavior often when restoring a session with mulitple tabs, several of which require access to saved passwords via the master password. This will produce the Password Required dialog being display several times in succession. Entering the master password in each produces the smoothest experience (all the tabs correctly log in), but entering it into one, and canceling out of the other dialogs causes one tab to log in, the other pages to fail to log in until manually reloaded. I don't see anything reported that corresponds exactly, though.
I can confirm the behaviour reported by Tobias, I have several password protected sites set to open by default when FF starts (Firefox 3.0.6 in this case).

I have to enter the master password for each of these tabs. I've also found that you need to be patient and allow all of the Master Password forms to display before you start typing in the password, since as they open, the new MP windows will open on top of the previous.

If you enter the MP and hit enter the next MP will display, a few seconds later the tabs username and password window will open on top of the MP window, and if you aren't looking you will have just typed over your stored username.