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Fennec support on AMO


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Mark Finkle made a post (linked) that shows support for the addons manager in M7. We should update our appversions to allow Fennec addons :
Could we either make this a tracking bug or break this into more specific pieces (or both)?
This can be the tracking bug. Assigning to Basil since he's working with the Fennec folks on this:
Component: Developer Pages → Administration
QA Contact: developers → administration
Assignee: nobody → basil
Per today's discussion, we need the following which we will add to the preview instance of AMO (
- Fennec App ID: {a23983c0-fd0e-11dc-95ff-0800200c9a66}
- Fennec minVersions: {please list all of them, e.g. 0.7a1, etc...}
- Fennec maxVersion: {please list all of them, 0.7.*, etc}
- Category names for Fennec
- A Fennec icons (110px × 105px for the upper left image) - (see for example)
- Fennec App ID: {a23983c0-fd0e-11dc-95ff-0800200c9a66}

- Fennec minVersions: 0.7
0.7 was the first version that supported addons, so this should be OK.

- Fennec maxVersion: 1.0a1
(I guess we should figure out what we're going to call alpha 1.  1.0a1 or 0.8... Let me get back to you on this.)

- Category names for Fennec
"Experimental" might be a good category for now -- I suspect as we move forward we might want a list more like the Firefox one.

icon coming up...
Attached image logo 110x105 (obsolete) —
Attached image logo 110x105
not sure why this version has different ears than brad's, but here we go..
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Attached image logo 34x34
Target Milestone: --- → 4.0.2
Target Milestone: 4.0.2 → 3.x (triaged)
Assignee: bhashem → morgamic
Attached patch v1, constant changes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is the code to support fennec on AMO, need the SQL which will come in a bit.  Problem I have right now is that even with stubs uploaded they aren't coming through in the API search.
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Aside from the patch, here are the steps needed to fully test:

* Add Fennec to AMO database via Application manager
** GUID: {a23983c0-fd0e-11dc-95ff-0800200c9a66}
** Supported: Yes (checked)
* Add two versions of Fennec via Application manager
** 0.1 
** 1.0.*
* Add Fennec categories
** Fennec
** Extension
** en-US
** Mobile Tools
** Mobile Tools
* Upload test XPI 
** Use xpi for read-it provided
** Choose "Mobile Tools" category
** Add descriptions and summary -- "Reads the text on a webpage"
** Complete add-on -- this moves it into the sandbox
* AMO Admin - make add-on public
** Open add-on manager
** Type "read it" 
** Choose the add-on (should be a high addon_id)
** Set add-on status to public
** Set file status to public
** Set highest status to public
* NOTE: Make sure to run bin/update-search-views.php in order to update fulltext indexes for the newly added add-on
* Test the API 
** Single add-on page: /en-US/fennec/api/addon/9237/
** Search: /en-US/fennec/api/1.1/search/read+it/all/10/Darwin/0.5
Finkle, if you'd like to test a build and have VPN to MPT, you could try this:

IP/Host info if it doesn't respond:
Laura -- could you review the patch above?  The API error I was experiencing was caused by not running update-search-views.php -- after I ran it, results showed up properly.
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v1, constant changes

Wil, could you take a look at this config patch?  The app_id will have to be changed, but I will update the patch once it's updated in preview/prod.
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v1, constant changes

You'll need to define and merge out main_prettyname_fennec as well.
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Older patch plus some logic to exclude from the sprited other-apps (app-chooser) menu.  I don't think we're ready to add install buttons and have a public fennec add-ons site yet, but these changes will unblock the API.
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v2, adds app support but hides menu until we figure out details

(I've spotted/fixed the fennech1 CSS error)
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r19408, pushing Thursday.
Keywords: push-needed
Closed: 12 years ago
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Target Milestone: 4.x (triaged) → 4.0.3
Keywords: push-needed
Attached image victory!
Mark -- I created the "Experimental" category as requested so just edit the add-on and add it to that category and it should work.  You can also edit a version/file to add Fennec support just as with Firefox.
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