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Extension functions fail because does not get installed


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Not set


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It looks like was deliberately omitted from "make install" but this should not be the case. The extensions dialog fails to render, extensions fail to install and the error console gives an error for not recognizing "Components.classes" at line 844 of extensions.js. These go away when is installed. Omitting gkplugin.dll on Windows may or may not cause the same problems, I haven't tested that.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Build thunderbird from comm-central and install it with make install
2.Go to Addons or Error Console to notice a bunch of extension related errors
Actual Results:  
Components.classes was not found in extensions.js:844 and extensions failed to install or show up in the Addons dialog.

Expected Results:  
Installing and querying extensions should have worked and exensions.js should not have had issues.
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it's odd that we have both and gkplugin.dll - cc'ing Mark in case he has any insight...
(In reply to comment #2)
> it's odd that we have both and gkplugin.dll - cc'ing Mark in
> case he has any insight...

I've done some investigation and found in cvs the following comment by Scott for when those files were added to the removed files list:

"fix some crashers because we don't support plugins by default"

No bug referenced though.

After a bit more thought, I'm guessing Connor has tried this on a non-static build - an investigation of my mac builds, reveals that only non-static builds have a separate libgkplugin.dylib (the mac equivalent).

So for static builds, we've actually been including it for ever, and this explains why it isn't in our windows packages file.

Therefore I think there's no point in *gkplugin* being listed in the NO_PKG_FILES section of our mail/installer/ as its just confusing, and doesn't benefit us in any way.
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Removes both gkplugin files.
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Connor, just for my confidence, please could you confirm if you were trying make install on a non-static build?
Yes. To even run make install on a non-static build I had to change other parts (bug 453920) but that's better than a static build on my system. For some reason static builds of mozilla programs always segfault for me... no idea why.
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ok, I'm willing to take this. r=me, I'll check this in in a moment.
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