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Tooltip should disappear when parent item disappears


(Core :: Layout: Form Controls, defect, P3)






(Reporter: bdwheele, Unassigned)




Prior to clicking on a link a tooltip will appear.  When the new page is
loaded, the tooltip remains, until after the mouse is moved.
I am not sure who this should go to, starting with you peter.
Assignee: rods → trudelle
resolving as wontfix, may be invalid
Closed: 24 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
I strongly disagree - this can't possibly be an invalid bug. Taking the liberty
of reopening this one. ALL tooltips  need a timeout!

Check out what happens at for instance:

On pages with TABLE SUMMARY tags, there is no way to currently avoid that
tooltip display on page at all times. It vanish for a brief sec while cursor
moves, then returns - and remains. Till next time cursor is moved.

When i've seen its content once - i've seen it. No need to display the same
information 100 more times while i move cursor around to make tooltip go away so
i can read what it covered?

In NC a tooltip displays for a certain amount of time, and then automatically
"turns off". You have to deliberatly move over that object once again to trigger
the tooltip to display again. This is the way Mozilla should also respond to
user input. Anything else will rapidly become an annoyance.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
sorry - it can't possibly be a "wontfix" i mean? There are currently tooltips
just about everywhere, and they don't go away. This is ruining the user
experience and i fail to see how persistant tooltips are of any informational
value. I'd like a second opinion here.
Adding to CC. I also believe severity is too low for this one.
Adding "needs timeout" to summary.
Summary: Tool Tips remain after loading new page → Tool Tips remain after loading new page - needs timeout
There are a couple of separate issues here. One issue is that tooltips (well, 
XUL popups in general) don't go away in all cases when the mouse leaves the 
element. In particular, if the element is deleted, I think the popup should go 
away ... but it doesn't. This is the real issue for this bug, and is why I am 
confirming the bug.

Another issue is whether tooltips should time out or go away in some other 
fashion before the mouse has actually moved out of the element. This could be 
useful if the element is large. It could be done on a timeout, but I think it 
would be better done in response to a certain amount of mouse movement. This is 
more like a feature request and probably deserves a bug of its own.
Ever confirmed: true
oh well - removing "needs timeout" from summary again and filing that as a
separate bug.
Summary: Tool Tips remain after loading new page - needs timeout → Tool Tips remain after loading new page
filed 45530 on the timeout issue.
I will take this bug to refer to the one tooltip that appears on the main body
of the page given in the URL above.  Any other problems with tooltips, such not
going away on mouseOut, should be reported as a separate defect. accepting for
future. If someone is really bothered by this behavior, either fix it, convince
another mozilla developer to fix it, or nominate it for nsbeta3.  
QA Contact: ckritzer
Target Milestone: --- → Future
CC: Self I agree the severity is a little too low. It probably should be normal.
QA Contact: jrgm
Any tooltip should be dependent on the item which it is, uh, tooltipping. When 
the item disappears (as it does, in this case, as soon as the next page starts 
rendering), the tooltip should disappear at exactly the same time. Resummarizing.
Severity: trivial → minor
Summary: Tool Tips remain after loading new page → Tooltip should disappear when parent item disappears
->pinkerton, although this seems to have morphed into something I can't repro.
Assignee: trudelle → pinkerton
May be related to bug 50511, "scrolling/app switching under mouse should cause
Depends on: 300808
QA Contact: jrgmorrison → layout.form-controls
Assignee: mikepinkerton → nobody
Severity: minor → S4
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