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WinCE missing APIs and Windows Messages (plus compiler warning)


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Windows Mobile 6 Professional
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Removed code inside nsWindow::SynthesizeNativeKeyEvent, since much of the code to synthesize native key events is not available in WinMobile devices.

Remove WM_QUERYENDSESSION and WM_MOUSEACTIVATE window message handling - since WinMobile does not provide these windows messages.

Cleaned up compiler warning by casting int to long inside an NS_ASSERTION
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NSWINDOW.CPP changes for WinCE compiling

+    NS_ASSERTION(sIMECursorPosition <= (long)sIMECompUnicode->Length(), "illegal pos");

long -> PRInt32

Lots of stuff is going to be busted if we can't send native key events.  I would be okay with this change _temporarily_.

File a bug, change the comment to include the bug number.

ere, okay with that?
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NSWINDOW.CPP changes for WinCE compiling

Of course a proper implementation would be nice, but having this done temporarily is ok with (just add that too to the comment). I'm not a super-reviewer though...
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NSWINDOW.CPP changes for WinCE compiling

mfinkle raises the point that it might be better to stub out the enum values rather than adding more ifdefs.

please also file a follow up bug to investigate further what we're missing by these events not firing.
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checked in on Tue Sep 23 21:10:58 2008 -0700
Closed: 14 years ago
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Added two new bugs:

 Bug 459264 -  WinCE nsWindow::SynthesizeNativeKeyEvent() needs re-programming


 Bug 459273 -  WinCE Explore whether App Activate Messages Are Received

to handle left-over issues with this bug.
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