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need status and emergency brake UI for gloda


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Thunderbird 3.0b1


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We want some very basic "emergency brake" UI affordance and possibly some status strings to give users some idea of what gloda's doing, and, on the off chance that there's some weird bug, disable it.
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Here's a status message:

"Indexing folder $f from $account"

Gloda is a bit "nebulous" about what it's really doing and indexing of messages often happens so fast that we might as well just inform the person only when acting on a particular folder.

Still working on an e-brake...
With "..." i assume?
As i mentioned in some other similar bug, i think "from $account" is likely to sound odd in many cases, depending on what you name your account.
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> With "..." i assume?

Good point.

> As i mentioned in some other similar bug, i think "from $account" is likely to
> sound odd in many cases, depending on what you name your account.

Agreed. Bug 455812 is the other one.  Taking from your example there we can get the following:

 "$accountname - indexing messages in $folder..."
Who's owning this? Due to the late strings, we need to be getting this in as soon as possible to help our localisers.
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Gloda has moved out to beta 2, so moving this out as well.
Keywords: late-l10n
Target Milestone: Thunderbird 3.0b1 → Thunderbird 3.0b2
What are our plans here? We're less than a week from the string freeze...
Assigning to Bryan, as we need some prefs UI.

Andrew, seems like it would make sense to code up a patch with the status message that Bryan already suggested...
Assignee: nobody → clarkbw
we should plenty of room in the adv. general preferences tab pane thanks to bug 456872.  Hopefully we could land this as we move others like bug 452890 into adv. general as well.

We can just use some kind of checkbox for the on/off state.  I'm not really sure what use for the string though.  This is just for the "testing" phase so we could go vague or be very experimental.

[x] Index Messages 

--- or ---

[x] Use Experimental Message Indexer
--- or ---
[x] Use Experimental Message Indexer (gloda)
(In reply to comment #8)
>  This is just for the "testing" phase so we could go vague or be very
> experimental.

There isn't going to be UI in the end?

If it is, then UI now seems redundant. On the other hand, I don't think that's what you meant and we do want UI. Would be good to use something that sticks and avoid renaming unnecessarily - we have to name it the next month or so anyways so... Of those options I'd prefer:
 [x] Index Messages 

Is gloda a global/account or folder option?
There might be room being able to turn the indexer on or off in the future, but I don't think this checkbox is going to be the best interface.  Right now we just need a temporary emergency brake in case gloda is really braking things.

I used less 'experimental' language so that translations could possibly be reused for a similar option.  Will attach in a second.
Attached patch 455978-v1.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Here's the patch that gets this temp preference in
Attached patch 455978-v2.patchSplinter Review
Here's an updated version of this patch that is just a text change in the dtd file, with some better alignment as well.  

I removed the word "Global" as it seemed confusing after some review.

Now you get an option that looks like this:

  [x] Enable Message Indexer
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this patch looks like it's ready for review - if that's not the case, Bryan, can you comment? thx!
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I think it's ready to go in
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I think Phil is not doing reviews this weekend, so I'll try this patch out.
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I'll land this with the late-l10n keyord/status...
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Keywords: late-l10n
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Please inform immediately about this checkin as mandated by

Otherwise localizers won't pick this up.
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