Bug 456266 (fx35-l10n-tracker)

[tracking] Firefox 3.5 l10n release trackers



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9 years ago
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(Reporter: Pike, Unassigned)


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This is a meta bug used to track the status of Firefox 3.1 l10n release trackers.
Depends on: 463437
Depends on: 463600
Depends on: 467560
No longer depends on: 467560
Depends on: 443139
Depends on: 415641
Depends on: 415672
Depends on: 415622
Depends on: 477988
Morphing this bug over 3.5.
Alias: fx31-l10n-tracker → fx35-l10n-tracker
Summary: [tracking] Firefox 3.1 l10n release trackers → [tracking] Firefox 3.5 l10n release trackers
Depends on: 482497
Depends on: 482507
Depends on: 482511


8 years ago
Depends on: 482514
Depends on: 415587
Depends on: 483285
Any plans on a tracker for Persian (fa)?
Ehsan: the release tracker bugs are filed for the first release of a locale. This means that all the locales blocking this bug will be released for the first time in 3.5. Consequently, there will be no 3.0.x versions.

For Persian, we still have bug 415597, the Firefox 3 l10n tracker, meaning that Persian is on track for a release on the 3.0.x branch. This doesn't mean there won't be any 3.5 release of Persian, of course. It just means that the first release is targeted on the 3.0.x branch. 

Hence, we don't really need a 3.5 tracker for Persian. That is, unless you'd like to drop 3.0.x and release only on 3.5. In that case we'd morph the fx3 tracker into a fx35 one.

I hope this is clear. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.
Thanks for the explanation, Staś.  Actually we would like to drop the Firefox 3.0.x release, and proceed with 3.5, and so far all of our efforts have been targeted at 3.5 (we released with 3.1 Beta 3 for the first time).  So, I will morph bug 415597 into a fx35 release tracker.  I hope that's OK.  :-)
Depends on: 415597
Depends on: 415682
Depends on: 492592
Depends on: 492595
Depends on: 492967
No longer depends on: 483285
No longer depends on: 482507
No longer depends on: 415682
No longer depends on: 492592
No longer depends on: 415622
No longer depends on: 492967
No longer depends on: 415641
No longer depends on: 415587
No longer depends on: 482514
We're done with Firefox 3.5, I moved the remaining locales over to block the now version-independent tracker (that used to be 4.0).
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10 months ago
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