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Improve the Mail Bloat Tests


(MailNews Core :: Testing Infrastructure, defect)

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The initial version of the mail bloat tests is very basic and we need to expand them to cover more areas of mailnews - especially every day user activities.

Rather than have a lot of bugs filed with ideas that we're never going to implement, I suggest that we add our ideas to and as we decide we want to pick them up then we convert them to bugs (I think an ordered approach is useful here).

I'm happy to drive the ideas process and hence I'll own this bug.

All bugs this depends on are help wanted unless already assigned to someone.

I'll also make a list somewhere for when tests are extended/added and the effects on the numbers - so that when know when things change and why.
Blocks: 421049
Depends on: 458352
Depends on: 458353
Depends on: 392962
Component: Build Config → Testing Infrastructure
QA Contact: build-config → testing-infrastructure
Assignee: mbanner → nobody
The link to is no longer valid, the page was moved to in Sep, 2009.
Bloat tests cease to exist now.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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