Nachofoto FotoMarklet for your images and photos uses Google Images Re-Linker's guid



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Nachofoto FotoMarklet for your images and photos uses Google Images Re-Linker's guid. This can cause conflicts if both extension are installed.
As best I can tell, Google Images Re-Linker is not hosted on AMO and is primarily available from

It is in the best interest of add-on users for one of these two to change GUIDs, but we can't really force either.

Rey, would you mind reaching out to both authors and seeing if either is willing to change their GUID?
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Rey, could you contact both authors?  Are both add-ons active?
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10 years ago
I'll look into this.
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10 years ago
Quick update. I'm trying to reach out to the developer of Google Images Re-Linkers since his add-on is not on AMO. If he changes his guid, it would be easier. Otherwise, it would force the other author to resubmit his add-on and lose his history.
Just out of curiosity, what *is* the GUID of these add-ons?

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10 years ago
Hey Fred. It's <em:id>{dd6bfa32-1198-4217-a0e9-1acab501a6e9}</em:id>

I sent email to Eric Hamiter who is that author of Google Images Relinker and asked if he could change it to something like Since his Google add-on is no longer supported and not hosted on AMO, I'm hoping he'll help us. 

He's also the author of BugMeKnot which is hosted on AMO. Here's his site:
Wow, a UUID conflict? That's so unlikely that one of them *must* have copied it from the other (or both from a third source, like a tutorial?). Either way, thanks for pushing this forward, Rey.

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10 years ago
Yeah it's very likely that happened. Unfortunately, Eric isn't to keen on making the change due to time constraints so I will have to ask the author of Nachofoto FotoMarklet to do it. 

One thing to consider is that Eric's add-on is no longer supported. To quote his email to me:

"All of my extensions are old and practically deprecated, and changing the GUIDS for them and then re-uploading them is precisely the reason I no longer support them."

So does it even make sense to push forward on this? If I ask the NachoFoto guy to change his guid, my understanding is that he will have to resubmit and he will lose his reviews so before I do this, I want a sanity check.

Given Eric's situation we could just let this go and not bother with changing anything. Is Google Image Re-Linker supported in FF3? If not, every day that goes by reduces the likelihood of a conflict.

If we do nothing about the situation for now, we should let Eric know that Nachofoto has be "given" the UUID and if Google Image Re-Linker comes back from the dead, it will need to have a new UUID or it could be blocklisted.

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10 years ago
That sounds fine to me especially in light that Eric has said his add-on is no longer supported. Is everyone in agreement?
I think if his extension is "practically deprecated" and, as far as I can tell ( do not even support Firefox 2 (!), asking the other author to re-upload his (public) add-on with all implications is overkill IMO.

I'm fine with WONTFIXing this.

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10 years ago
Ok. So I've marked it as WONTFIX and will let Eric know.
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