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make server.isSecure work for POP/IMAP


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Thunderbird 3.0b1


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Following up on bug 316245 comment 20. 
server.isSecure doesn't really work for POP/IMAP. I think this the best of the suggested options is to make it work - that way it's handy to use from js, and the TLS is a bit of a special case anyways...
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proposed fix

This code duplication worries me... maybe it would be better to move the existing code to nsNntpIncomingServer?

I'm also tempted to suggest a followup bug to make NNTP use the socket type throughout (making isSecure readonly), but I imagine that might prove a headache for existing profiles.
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Well, that depends on how you look at it. 
Sure, there's a ~10 row code duplication, but at least to me is seem all one ever want to know if it's secure or not. alwaysUseTLS is the odd one out, only applicable for pop and imap so therefore I'd argue checking for it belong in those classes.
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proposed fix

Though making isSecure readonly should certainly be a goal, and we even have bug 420262 about nntp starttls...
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Ignore the one space off in nsMsgFolderDataSource...
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sr ping
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proposed fix, v2

sr=bienvenu, except for a nit - should leave arg name as aIsSecure here:

-nsMsgIncomingServer::GetIsSecure(PRBool* aIsSecure)
+nsMsgIncomingServer::GetIsSecure(PRBool *isSecure)
-  return GetBoolValue("isSecure", aIsSecure);
+  PRInt32 socketType;
+  nsresult rv = GetSocketType(&socketType);
+  *isSecure = (socketType == nsIMsgIncomingServer::alwaysUseTLS ||
+               socketType == nsIMsgIncomingServer::useSSL);
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Comment 1 filed as bug 463096.
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