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Form history should record creation/usage timestamps.


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(Keywords: fixed1.9.1, verified1.9.0.9)


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Form history entries should be stored with a timestamp indicating when they were last used. This is needed for a few features of interest:

1) "Forget everything I did in the last hour"
2) Enable expiring old form history automatically
3) Awesomebar-like functionality for form fields could use this for frecency.

The first step to these features is storing the timestamps... #2 and #3 would want a last-used timestamp. #1 would need a when-created timestamp (we wouldn't want to clear out pre-existing entries)
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Depends on: 464858
Justin, today I got a notice from a friend that his search bar isn't working anymore with Firefox 3.0.5 after he accidentally selected a profile for a test with Firefox 3.2a1. After some tests we identified the formhistory.sqlite to be the cause for the problem and reduced this database to a minimized test case. Now it only contains one single entry. I tested Firefox 3.1 with this formhistory.sqlite and it works fine after this patch was checked into the tree between 081113 and 081114.

Is there any way to get this into the 1.9.0 branch too? This patch looks a bit too heavy, so I wanted to ask you first before filing a new bug on that. What do you think?
Yeah, known problem, but I haven't filed the bug. :(

Satchel needs the same DB upgrade/downgrade logic as bug 467463 adds for pwmgr, and the column shouldn't be created with "NOT NULL".
Depends on: 472064
(filed bug 472064)
Blocks: 483096
Justin, even with bug 472064 fixed the formhistory.sqlite from my comment 5 breaks the search bar with Firefox 3.0.7 on OS X. Shouldn't that have been fixed?
No, that's expected but not fixable.

Profiles created with 3.1/3.2 builds between when this bug landed (Nov 11) and when bug 472064 landed (Jan 22) will have formhistory files unusuable with Firefox 3.0. See bug 472064 comment 5.
This fix landed on as part of bug 483096.
Keywords: fixed1.9.0.8
Verified through bug 483096 for
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