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Edit Recurrence dialog shows wrong rule when editing event


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Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start Sunbird with clean profile
2. Import the attached testcase that was taken from Bug 365034
3. Open the event for editing, choose "Edit all occurrences" when prompted
4. Choose "Custom..." from the Repeat dropdown menu

Actual Results:
Recurrence summary in the Edit Event dialog correctly shows "Occurs every December 26 effective 12/26/2006.". But in the Edit Recurrence dialog the selection is incorrectly set to "Annually. Every [1] [January|v]".

Expected Results:
Correct recurrence rule is pre-selected in the Edit Recurrence dialog.

Error Console doesn't report anything.
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Assignee: nobody → philipp
Attached patch Fix - v1Splinter Review
This patch takes care of correctly loading the recurrence and also modifies the saving behavior. I'm a bit unsure if this is user-friendly though:

* Originally, we used to compose a rule BYMONTH=12;BYMONTHDAY=26 if dec 26 was
* Now, when the recurrence dialog is opened and the user enters the same month
  and day as the item starts on, we compose a rule BYMONTH=12.
  - When the user changes the start date, the recurrence details get updated

As an alternative, we could just stay with the old behavior and modify the recurrence rule. This could be bad w.r.t iTIP/iMIP though.
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Fix - v1

The changes when loading the event looks OK. The changes when saving the event are not required in my opinion, as already discussed on IRC. With or without the change there are recurrence rules that get changed on save although the user changed nothing in the recurrence dialog. I'd keep the current behavior to ensure consistency with the previous releases.
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Whiteboard: [needs review][not needed beta][no l10n impact] → [not needed beta][no l10n impact][needs review]
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Fix - v1

I'd give r+ for the load changes but the save changes are still under discussion. Philip said about three weeks ago on IRC that an updated patch will be posted after discussion. Denying review request for now.
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Hardware: x86 → All
Component: General → Dialogs
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I've decided to take the load changes only and will take the r+ from comment 3 :-)
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This bug was also pushed to comm-beta and comm-aurora, likely during the last merge.
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