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Remove Mozilla Manifesto landing page and add language picker to localized pages


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There has been some discussion about creating a page for the Mozilla Manifesto that would serve as an easy to read introduction for people that explains what the Manifesto is at a high-level and why it is important.  This could be a better place to send people initially instead of having them go directly to the full text of the Manifesto.  This page could also serve as a place to provide links to each of the different translations of the Manifesto that are available.

The attached screenshot features a brief introductory paragraph, a space for a video and links to different translations.  Note: I'm not sure if a suitable video clip is available now.  Also, not all of these translations currently exist.
The page looks good.

We should even further focus the visitor's attention on the main message of the manifesto by making the key message bold.

We might want to suggest an edit to start of the manifesto to make it more direct. e.g. The Mozilla community is a global community of people dedicated to building and sustaining an open internet that benefits everyone, fosters innovation and provides opportunity.

This page would also provide a great place to list other organizations that endorse the manifesto.
I had a hard time actually finding the manifesto itself on the mockup age, in large part because the video draws attention. Maybe consider putting the video at the bottom, and doing further highlighting of the section listing the manifestos?
The init paragraph needs to make the final mental leap obvious by ending: "Those principles are contained in the <i>Mozilla Manifesto</>."

Attached is a new mockup that addresses previous comments.

Re comment #1, I made a section bold.  We can bold different areas if we'd like.  In terms of changing the wording of the introduction, that's something to run by Mitchell.  I tried to just copy and paste text from the Manifesto.  About other organizations that support the Manifesto, do we have a list of links we'd like to add?

Re comment #3, I added the text Gerv suggested and made the Mozilla Manifesto text an anchor link to the bottom of the page with the links to the different translations.  This may address Frank's comment in #2 while keeping the focus on the video (my thought was the video was the main focus of the page).

If there are any other comments or suggestions, let me know.
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I like this version better.
I talked to Asa today and it sounds like there isn't an existing video that we can use on this page, so we discussed a couple of options for how to create one.  We were going to think about this some more and I'll post an update when there's some information.
Since it looks like there's not a video we can use right now, I've attached a mockup of the landing page that doesn't have any video on it.  We can post this now so that we have a way to link to the various translations and can then add the video elements when they are available.
(In reply to comment #6)
> I talked to Asa today and it sounds like there isn't an existing video that we
> can use on this page, so we discussed a couple of options for how to create
> one.  We were going to think about this some more and I'll post an update when
> there's some information.

If there's going to be a new video, please make use of <video> and fall back on other options as an alternative. :)
Re comment #8, I definitely think we should be making use of the video tag.  One idea is to have one version of the video for people using browsers that support the video tag and one version for people with browsers that don't support the tag.  The other video could talk specifically about why the video tag is important and why people might want to switch browsers to something that supports this technology.  Just a thought.
I just posted the version of the landing page without the video and moved the existing Manifesto page to be the English version of the text at manifesto.en.html.  I'll leave this bug open while we sort out what to do about video on the page.
I was looking around for the English version of the manifesto, to review the Dutch version.  I had a hard time, since I always automatically got served the Dutch version.  The solution finally was to change my language settings in Firefox.  Whilst it is probably a good thing to get your preferred language version, we should still links to view it in another language.  Also consider the case where someone is browsing on a foreign computer which he can’t change the settings of (e.g. in an internet shop).
Hendrik, thanks for reporting this but I'm sorry this is a problem for you.  We're discussing this locale switching issue in bug 433928, so please feel free to take part in that discussion (I'll link to your comment here in that bug so people are aware of it).
Now that we have a page up about Mozilla's Mission that links to the Manifesto for people interested in diving into the details of our principles, I don't think we need a Manifesto landing page anymore (or rather, the Mission page is the landing page).

Instead of improving the current Manifesto landing page at, I'd rather remove it in favor of the Mission page serving as the introduction to things.  The only purpose the current Manifesto landing page is serving as a language picker and we can do that in a better way -- perhaps by adding a language picker to each of the Manifesto localizations.  If we did that, we could redirect the current /about/manifesto URL to the English version and people could pick other languages from there.

See the following mockup for a potential design direction for that:

Changing summary of bug to reflect these changes.
Summary: Create a landing page for the Mozilla Manifesto → Remove Mozilla Manifesto landing page and add language picker to localized pages
Closing old website bugs due to them not being relevant to the new Python-based Bedrock system. Re-open if this is a critical bug and should be resolved on the new system too.
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I think this is still relevant, as the switch to Bedrock did not eliminate the need for this.
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The page has been migrated to Bedrock, and redirects to a localized page if available. The language selector has been implemented in Bug 773371. And the translation bar will soon be implemented in Bug 906943. I think that's enough.
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