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calIRelation/calIAttachment need proper cloning facility


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Those objects store a reference to their base item. In case of cloning a calendar item, currently only the set of relations/attachments is cloned, leaving a reference to the item that has been cloned.
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Daniel, are willing to fix this one? If so, then please mark blocking+, otherwise blocking- and wanted+.
Summary: calIRelation/calIAttachment need propery cloning facility → calIRelation/calIAttachment need property cloning facility
Summary: calIRelation/calIAttachment need property cloning facility → calIRelation/calIAttachment need proper cloning facility
Assignee: nobody → mschroeder
Attached patch Patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is a first try (also my first time dealing with the backend)... Daniel, it would be great to get some input from you if this patch heads in the right direction.
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Patch v1

calIAttachment::item, calIRelation::item still seem to be wrong (refer to the old item). However, ad hoc I don't remember why we need to refer to the item at all? Philipp, you do?
If possible we should get rid of the item attribute to avoid circular references. Since calIRelation is not used yet, we might get away with removing it until we find out we need it.

I don't see why calIAttachment would need an item.
I don't think this should block 1.0. Attachments and Relations are not really highly used features and they are not broken per se.
Flags: blocking-calendar1.0? → blocking-calendar1.0-
Sounds like something that would benefit from a xpcshell testcase.
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This patch still has the cloning facility but the references to an item have been removed.
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[checked in] Patch v1

looks good; r=dbo
Pushed to comm-central <>

I'll adapt the existing unit tests, and add additional ones next week.
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