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Define MOZILLA_1_9_1_BRANCH based on milestone.txt, to ifdef for different mozilla-centrals


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We need to be able to ifdef based on whether we're building on a 1.9.1 Gecko or a 1.9.2/mozilla-central one, so we can do things differently for 1.9.1 and mozilla-central between now and when comm-central branches. Unfortunately, we can't just copy bug 324370's fix for MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH, since there's only one comm-central

Getting at the whole of milestone.txt is easy, MOZILLA_VERSION in already gets it, but we need some way of saying |if MOZILLA_VERSION.startswith('1.9.1')|
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This detects the 1.9.1 branch and sets the define accordingly. We'll need to sort out about TB/SM/SB versions at some stage, but we can do that in a different bug.
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The fix

I don't fully understand the changequote() stuff and this echo/sed thingy isn't too beautiful, but probably the best we can do in configure.
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The fix

definately right...

changequote there is an autoconf thing that ensures the regex won't do silly things in the future (also note how its changed back to [ and ] after the regex)

and is probably the best we got, as we have to parse MOZILLA_VERSION well
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Checked in with dodgy checkin comment:
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> Checked in with dodgy checkin comment:

That was a mistake, I hope?
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> (In reply to comment #4)
> > Checked in with dodgy checkin comment:
> >
> That was a mistake, I hope?

Yes I managed to push forgetting to set the comment.
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