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Remove datepicker in Lightning sidebar


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Christian decided to get rid of the formatted datefield underneath the minimonth on the left sidebar. Instead he suggested to provide this functionality as a popup under the today button of the navigation bar of the calendar-tab. He had the rough idea to provide it similiarly to the Sunbird dialog that appears following the menu "Go"-"Date.." but as a popup.
I had a discussion with Christian and we agreed to implement the today-button as a "menu-button" typed toolbar-button ( This works as our historical today-button but complements it with a dropmarker. For the dropmarker Christian will provide an own image. Clicking this dropmarker will open a panel the formatted datefield that is currently underneath the minimonth.
This means Bug 374080 should be resolved wontfix? 
Is there any reason to keep the (unused) datetextpicker control in that case?
Component: Calendar Views → Lightning Only
QA Contact: views → lightning
Summary: remove formatted date field list underneath the minimonth in left sidebar → Remove datepicker in Lightning sidebar
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Attached patch patch v. #1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Prepared a patch to implement the control as specified in this bug description.
This patch still has some unresolved problems:
- It's not yet possible to edit the datecontrol which is embedded in the menupopup via keyboard.
- the show/hide behaviour of the menupopup is not quite as it should be.
- Christian still has to provide an image for the today-button and the dropmarker.

Besides these outstanding problem I was not really impressed with the result of my work. On the one hand I agree that the current datepicker underneath the left-sidebar-minimonth is much too prominent even if we replaced it by a datetextpicker but on the other hand the menu-typed toolbar-button in the navigation bar is also not the last conclusion of wisdom and I doubt that we can fit it in the navigation-bar withoug destroying the layout.
Right now my personal preference would be to either skip the datepicker without substitution or to take over Sunbird's "date..." dialog.

in reply to comment #3
Yes this is what it actually would mean.  Bug 374080 -  Replace datepicker in Lightning sidebar with datetextpicker would not be followed anymore.
Assignee: nobody → Berend.Cornelius
>Is there any reason to keep the (unused) datetextpicker control in that case?
As I said I personally would rather like to remove it.
Attached patch patch v. #2Splinter Review
I prepared a patch that removes the datepicker without substitution. If it is still desired to provide it in any way I propose to take Sunbird's menuitem and the according dialog as stated in comment #4. This could then be done within  Bug 456385 -  Thunderbird3: Integrate Calendar and Task mode menu items into new menu
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patch v. #2

ui+ for removing the picker. Adding it to the menu is a good back-up option.
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patch v. #2

Looks good, r=philipp
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patch pushed to comm-central:

I added a comment to bug 56385 - Thunderbird3: Integrate Calendar and Task mode menu items into new menu as announced in comment #6

issue is fixed
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