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Display user photo in Thunderbird alerts


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If new messages are grabbed and there's a user photo for them (probably should only be when messages all from same contact), display this in the alerts.

This would fit in well with the Growl alerts on OS X, not sure about other OSes. 

Suggested by Giuseppe Tino at

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Depends on: 119459
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3?
>> "probably should only be when messages all from same contact"

The most common case (if "check for new messages every X mintues" is small), is one new message and a photo would make perfectly sense.

In case of more than 1 message:
If messages are not all from the same contact, the photo could either depict:
- the latest sender
- the sender which sent the highest number of messages
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Blocks: tb-mac
suggestion: If >1 message is received
• check if a contact photo is available for 1 of them, if yes: display in alert
• if contact photos are available for >1 messages: display sender with highest number of messages
• if >1 sender with equal number of messages: display latest sender

OR, as Susurrus(Reporter) suggested: Only display a contact photo if all messages are from the same sender.
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