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Remove old Accessibility docs, and put online


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It seems like there is no reason to keep this very large file in the mozilla-central /accessible folder. It would be more appropriate on devmo, where it would be easier to get to (even if you don't have the source tree), and to maintain.
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This patch simply removes the doc, it still needs to be updated in content and the moved to dmo. Probably would be best to do that the same time this patch is checked in.
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Feel free to remove it if you put it on devmo and link to it from this page:

The a11y team can update the docs to be correct for today's architecture.
I created it still needs cleanup and a link, but it is the first rough draft.
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Patch v1

Hmm. This seems to be a copy of

But, it's not an exact copy. Sorry I didn't notice it before. The version being removed by this patch was last changed on April 30, 2003 and the version is more up-to-date. See the history here:
OK, but the devmo does seem to be a better place to put it (being easier to edit, etc). But should we have two version?
devmo is better, and we only need 1 copy. 

It's just that no one has ever gotten around to migrating all the docs from to devmo.
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Patch v1

I moved all the content from to the devmo page.
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Patch v1

Thanks, don't forget to do a redirect.
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Redirect from where? The doc? That is not necessary, as I will link to this from, which links too, which is linked to by Bug 471548, which is waiting to land. I don't see a need for a redirect in the source code. I will create a redirect on to the devmo page, if that is what you mean. Thanks for the +.
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Yes, that's what I mean -- a redirect from
OK, thanks for the clarification I will get that up tomorrow.
Hi Tyler, let me know when you have, I will then checkin your patch. Thanks!
Quick and dirty way to get a redirect.
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Don't have commit to the server. So this does the redirect for
Actually, there should be an .htaccess in that directory with other redirects which you can just add to ... no?
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Patch for

I think you can also use a meta redirect, but whatever.

I couldn't cvs add the .htaccess, I kept getting:
cvs [add aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
I'm not willing to spend more time figuring out why :/

Here's the .htaccess we'd use if we could get it added:
Options +MultiViews
Redirect permanent msaa-server
Redirect permanent msaa-server.html
Redirect permanent /access/windows/msaa-server.html
Redirect permanent /access/windows/msaa-server
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Actually the .htaccess would have this:
Options +MultiViews
Redirect permanent msaa-server
Redirect permanent msaa-server.html
Redirect permanent /access/windows/msaa-server.html
Redirect permanent /access/windows/msaa-server
@Marco, could you check these in?
I could check in the mozilla-central patch;
but I prefer if someone else check the patch first...
talking to marco about that still
Whiteboard: [Needs landing, then m-c]
Who can actually land the part?
(In reply to comment #22)
Don't really know. kinda why this has sat for 7 1/2 months
I am currently in the process of requesting commit access to As soon as I have that, I'll land this baby!
@Marco, can you land this now? Thanks.
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Patch for

Taylor, I just tried to commit your patch, but this patch is malformed. It ends with:

>+<p>This page has moved to <a href=""></a>.
Please update your bo

which is invalid HTML and looks like it is also not where your patch file should end.

Please re-check that you have a completely working patch file and attach it to this bug so I can commit it. Thanks!
Keywords: checkin-needed
Whiteboard: [Needs landing, then m-c] → [needs new patch][Needs landing, then m-c]
Sorry, yeah, that is nasty :). Let me get a new one up.
If anyone wants to finish this work, feel free to use the crappy patch I have above.
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