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Firefox->About "Mozilla" link is focused when the dialog appears (only on OS X, with Fuil Keyboard Access on, on a --disable-updater build)


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bug 415128 added a link to the about dialog, which now takes focus when the dialog is first opened. This results in an ugly focus ring by default. We should probably just override the focused styling, or otherwise force focus to be on the button (perhaps by setting the defaultButton attribute on the dialog element).
Severity: normal → trivial
Whiteboard: [polish-easy] [polish-visual]
Version: Trunk → 3.1 Branch
Focussing the button sounds like the right fix. 

should do it. Anyone with a tree in a position to whip up a quick patch? I have to go to catch a plane in 20 minutes so wouldn't have time to test it.

We already focus the accept button in aboutDialog.js (which seems unnecessary, because dialog.xml does it as well), but that button doesn't exist on OS X. Setting defaultbutton to something different (it defaults to "accept") won't work, as dialog.xml doesn't focus the defaultbutton for OS X.
OS: All → Mac OS X
I don't get this behaviour. Maybe it's because of 10.4, or it was previously fixed.
More likely it's because you don't have Full Keyboard Access turned on in System Preferences/Keyboard and Mouse/Keyboard Shortcuts.
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How about this? We're already explicitly saying acceptButton.focus(), so why not call focus on the button that actually exists on OS X? (also, should we maybe wrap that acceptButton stuff with an #ifndef XP_MACOSX?
This bug's priority relative to the set of other polish bugs is:
P3 - Polish issue that is in a secondary interface, occasionally encountered, or is not easily identifiable.

The about window is a secondary UI, and we have focus rings all over the place, so it isn't clear that the user will consciously notice that this is a polish problem.
Whiteboard: [polish-easy] [polish-visual] → [polish-easy] [polish-visual][polish-p3]
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What makes this problem more noticeable, is the lone parenthesis at the end of first line. Is there a polish bug for that too?
This problem is fixed, on my Linux Firefox, on 3.6b4. The focus is instead on the Close button.

See the platform field, or comment 4 through comment 7, or the patch - on platforms like Linux where there is a close button, we focus it, but on OS X there is no close button and if you have full keyboard access on, we focus the first focusable thing, which is the link.
I'd guess that the new About dialog, with a button to check for updates that gets focused unless you build your own without the updater, has dropped the number of affected users to something on the order of hundreds, at the most.
Summary: Help->About "Licensing information" link is focused when the dialog appears → Firefox->About "Mozilla" link is focused when the dialog appears (only on OS X, with Fuil Keyboard Access on, on a --disable-updater build)
Version: 3.5 Branch → Trunk
What about those on Linux distributions which use the package management system to update?

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