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Use popupshowing event to hook Lightning into mailContext menus


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It has been pointed out over in bug 473011 that a better way of hooking into the context menus is to use the popupshowing event instead of observing notifyObservers.
Advantage of this method is that:
* No changes needed to TB or SM to hook in Lightning.
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Remove observer and add popupshowing event listener patch v0.1

Hopefully this will be the final change to hook into TB/SM
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Remove observer and add popupshowing event listener patch v0.1

patch looks very good. Yet I think that the code is better placed in messenger-overlay-toolbar.js where the convert-menu is also defined. I know of course that I should have mentioned this already in the review of Bug 473012 - Get Lightning to use nsIObserver for overlaying mailContext menus. The naming "messenger-overlay-toolbar" should of course als be changed someday in this respect.
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patch pushed to comm-central:

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The last patch lead to output on the errorconsole because of a redeclaration of gCalSetupMailContext, obviously because the js-file was loaded twice.

pushed a second patch to commm-centra with r-overtheshoulde=philipp:

in reply to comment #6:

Thank you for the hint
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Target Milestone: 1.0 → 1.0b1
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