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9 years ago
We've talked about this plenty but we should have a bug to track it.

Basically we want an IRC bot to watch /tests/ on preview.amo and complain when they break.  It should idle in #amo.  We can add other useful things at some point as long as it doesn't start flooding the channel like the old days.

I've asked Wolf if there are some scripts we can use and/or modify for firebot to do this for us.  I'll reply here with what he says.  Or I'll find his bugmail..
remorabot used to do this, and we turned it off after people got tired of it always complaining about broken tests. I'll see if I can find the tests module I wrote.
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This is the Tests module we used to use. I hacked it together from some existing stuff, so it's probably the worst written module ever, but it should still work.
If Perl makes you cry you could also use an instance of hackabot ( which is quite lightweight and easily extensible.

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9 years ago
Wolf replied on IRC.  It sounds like this functionality doesn't exist in firebot.  We could write a patch for it but if it changed often it would be a pain.  I'm guessing we'll be tweaking it as we go so we should probably write our own.  Maybe it's time to bring back remorabot.

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9 years ago
The new bot lives at and hangs out on #bosley.
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