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get_childAtPoint fails on linux (enable this test)


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spun off bug 481617 comment #3.

tests fails on linux

chrome://mochikit/content/a11y/accessible/test_childAtPoint.xul | Wrong deepest
child accessible [ 'col2' , role: columnheader] at the point (157, 1) of
accessible [ 'tree' ] - got [xpconnect wrapped nsIAccessible], expected
[xpconnect wrapped (nsISupports, nsIAccessible, nsIAccessNode)]
Let's move discussion here.

(In reply to comment #4)
> That looks like the test is just bogus.  Expecting particular interfaces on the
> object is silly, since the interfaces listed depend on who's QIed it to what.

(In reply to comment #7)
> According to the log the second test fails:
> testChildAtPoint(tree, x, y, true, "col1");
> Let me see if I understand this. It looks like the x and y are the top left
> coordinates of the treecols.boxObject (relative to the document). So this test
> is expecting the top left coords of the treecols, to be a point contained by
> "col1". Maybe this is a bad assumption?
> Perhaps the second test should use the x and y of the col1 boxObject? So in
> code-speak:
> +      x = getNode("col1").boxObject.x;
> +      y = getNode("col1").boxObject.y;
>       testChildAtPoint(tree, x, y, true, "col1");
> Thoughts?

I think the problem is we get wrong x coordinate. We expect to find col1 but we get col2. I don't think the problem in QI.
The worst thing this test works successfully on my and Marco's linux machines.
Btw, on my linux machine x coordinate is 145, on machine where test fails x coordinate is 157. Maybe it's timing problem?
Do you have more data on the coordinates of treecols, col1, col2?
I'm wondering about css padding. Treecols might have a different x y than col1.
(In reply to comment #5)
> I'm wondering about css padding. Treecols might have a different x y than col1.

In this case we should get treecols accessible but we get col2.
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