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Hook activity manager into the new alert/error listening mechanism


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Thunderbird 3.0b3


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In bug 481431 I implemented a server/listener mechanism for front-end items so we can provide a different alert method and get rid of modal dialogs.

This is the next step in that process - hook the activity manager into the new mechanism so that it can log warnings, but still let the back-end alert modal. Bug 476696 can then come along and implement "poptarts".

We probably need to have more information on the warnings, but this first basic version gives us something to work with and to start assessing what we're going to be getting (as some of the back-end alerts don't currently make it to the UI if they were instigated by a background process).
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The fix

>+// This module provides a link between the send later service and the activity
>+// manager.

I guess this could be /** */ style

>+    let msgMailSession = Cc[";1"]
>+                             .getService(Ci.nsIMsgMailSession);

Align dot under [ ?

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Current Warning in Activity Manager (Mac)

looks like a good start. (pasting from IRC)

My suspicion is that we'll want to keep those errors a part of the mail connect process since as events I assume multiples will accumulate  and become less useful over time.  

You're right that this will be a good experiment to understand if that's going to be an issue.
Checked in:

I'm going to mark this as fixed and we'll see how we go with errors appearing and probably cover tidy up/extensions in separate bugs.
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