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Recurrence dialog doesn't work well when editing an event with monthly rule "The last day of the month"


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Edit recurrence dialog allows to set an event with monthly rule "The last day of the month" but when you edit it, the dialog doesn't set properly all the controls and doesn't show the rule.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. create a new event;
2. select repeat "custom";
3. select recurrence pattern "monthly" and "The last" + "Day of the month";
4. close the dialog;
5. click on the recurrence summary text displaying the recurrence rule

Actual Results:  
the edit recurrence dialog shows drop down menu (ordinal and weekday) disabled and daypicker enabled but without days selected i.e. no visual indication that the rule is "the last day of the month"

Expected Results:  
the dialog should show dropdown menu enabled with the options "The last" and "Day of the month" and daypicker should be disabled.

It doesn't work with Lightning 0.9 too but the result is different (the dialog shows "monthly" but the other controls belongs to daily rule).
Regression? This was already fixed with Bug 462048 for 1.0pre.
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Seems that the code checks a BYDAY rule instead of a BYMONTHDAY rule.
The code has been added with attachment 303856 [details] [diff] [review] in bug 403594.
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r=mschroeder. Thanks for the fix!
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