Implement about:crashes or another way for users to easily discover/copy crashIDs



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We need to implement some way for users to easily discover the IDs of crashes that they have submitted.

In an ideal world, this would live at about:crashes so that we can leverage the existing body of knowledge that tells you to look for your crash report ID at about:crashes.

If the existing about:crashes code can be made to look for reports in our report location, great.  If not, we could use a replacement About module that loads a Cocoa view.

If we roll our own (regardless of where it lives) Stuart mentioned adding support for finding unsubmitted dumps (e.g., a button that opens the Finder window and selects the right dump); submitted dumps should have a link to the processed report on crash-stats.
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There are possibly l10n implications with this, so we need to examine it in detail before b3.
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I have some very gentle hacks that coerce about:crashes into working.

The obvious drawback of this is that we don't get l10n (text and date formats), or any nifty features we'd write in our own implementation (like unsubmitted crashes).  

The very big plus is that we have something working now, it uses the about:crashes UI that's described all over the Moz world, and no Cocoa dev has to expend any effort coding a better replacement.
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Come to think of it, someone with decent JS skills might be able to hack the other items into the page using the stringBundle service instead of the dtd.  (Bizarrely, the stringBundle service is already in crashes.xhtml for the sheet that comes up when you click the remove button.)

If someone did that, then we could then add the entities from the .dtd to our copy of the .properties file, which we'd transform into a .strings file, which *in theory* the stringBundleOverride service would let us use (it doesn't work for all .properties files, unfortunately).
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Implement about:crashes (including missing xpts)

This gets about:crashes working and hooks up the .properties file (all 2 strings) to our StringBundleOverride.

1) Forks crashes.xhtml (we don't build it anyway) and uses a modified version of the Tb codepath there plus some changes for Breakpad filenames; see the supplemental diff to compare to toolkit's crashes.xhtml

2) Adds crashes.xhtml,, and crashes.dtd to embed-replacements

3) Adds, inserts it into GECKO_STRINGS_FILES in the Makefile, and adds global_locale_crashes_properties.strings to the project

4) Adds a pref required by crashes.xhtml in

5) Adds two missing xpts that are required by crashes.xhtml to the project

I spent some time trying to replace the .dtd-inserted entities with the contents of our new .strings file; I believe I had the stringbundle part working but was failing on the JS to perform the replacement.  JS makes my head hurt, so I'm just going to attach this and we can spin the make-the-l10n-Camino-friendly into another bug for someone who knows JS.

This is basically build changes plus a tiny bit of find-and-replace in crashes.xhtml, so going straight to sr....
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Supplemental diff comparing our crashes.xhtml to the original toolkit version


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Implement about:crashes (including missing xpts)

You, sir, are my hero! sr=smorgan

>+  // Doesn't appear to be a key for the app support directory

Go ahead and remove this comment too, since it was weirdly-placed in the original file and actually applies to a line you took out.
Feeling heroic, I checked the patch in with that comment (and one post-brace trailing space I seem to have introduced) removed.

I spun further localization support off into bug 489512.
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