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Add "periodic clobbers" steps to our buildbots


(SeaMonkey :: Release Engineering, enhancement)

Not set


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Firefox and Thunderbird have these.

Bug 489336 comment 5:
From  Robert Kaiser   2009-04-21 08:25:41 PDT

[...] it dawned to me that we sometimes had problems with dep test builds [...]
Let me clobber the test machine to see if this helps.
In the same way as we are doing bug 494676,
do you know what SeaMonkey(-Ports) buildbot misses? (factory code to sync', config to update, ...)
Possibly because I have disabled clobberer at the moment. I don't care much for this right now, this is still targeted LATEr in my brain, there's a whole list of more pressing stuff, including release automation.
Blocks: 513943
Depends on: 555449
Component: Project Organization → Release Engineering
QA Contact: organization → release
Ftr, missing this feature is confusing wrt package(-compare) reports:
i.e., when I checked bug 563012 patch Av1, all Linux/MacOSX/Windows builders were reporting the same thing, except MacOSX dep builds :-/
Blocks: 563012
(In reply to comment #3)
> Ftr, missing this feature is confusing wrt package(-compare) reports

I would shout at you loudly if you would go clobbering all dep builds every time you want to check for inconsistencies of packaging!
Blocks: 598546
Summary: Add "periodic clobbers" steps to our buidbots → Add "periodic clobbers" steps to our buildbots
We now have periodic clobbers setup, but we more often hit our free-space-clobbers than this. It was added with the clobberer setup.
Closed: 12 years ago
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