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Better documentation for signature/vCard attributes in nsIMsgIdentity.idl


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This is trivial (no code changes, just comments) but should be fixed to avoid confusion. While the comments for the new attributes introduced in bug 324495 may not have been optimal, the drive-by changes made in bug 167319 introduced a wrong reference and made the values of the boolean pref ambiguous. I can imagine that signature-related extensions will need to be updated, where it may be tricky to figure out what those attributes mean based on the current comments. Thus, I'm trying to get it right in the third attempt now. I've also looked into the related signature/vCard attributes, but not into any of the attributes used outside of that scope which may not be documented yet.
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This simple patch corrects and modifies the signature-related comments to be more informative, and also adds a comment for the escapedVCard attribute. It doesn't modify any attribute or function. I'm not certain if a new UUID has to be generated to ensure that the changes are correctly recognized, but I figured it cannot hurt.
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you definitely don't want to rev the UUID here. Other than that, sr=me
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Thanks, that was quick. Revised version without changing the UUID.
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Wow, I never was aware what show-jumping course my plain text sig has to hop through... ;-)
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Push for comm-central, please.
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