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Remove unused enableURLs code and strings in autoconfig


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, defect)

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Thunderbird 3.0b3


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The primary reason to remove it is strings: we know that some of the strings will not be used in the hypothetical bug that will hypothetically turn it into something that will be acceptable UI, we know that at least one string (the .properties one that includes literally "Thunderbird") must be changed but the changed string can't be tested since we have no UI, we know that the dialog has trouble fitting and wrapping strings but we'll have no idea whether or not localized strings will expose problems the en-US strings don't since there's no UI to see them in.

There's also the problem that the code has several FIXME bits of alert(e.message); throw e; that can't be fixed without anything to exercise them, and the general problem that it's pretty much untested and unreviewed, since nobody has seen it since February. If someone does decide to file and fix a bug to give it acceptable UI, that bug can just reland the code and strings, fixing them as it does.
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I'm unhappy about how that was handled.
This stuff is *needed* for many providers.
I am not sitting down and writing code just to have it removed. I was willing to bring it up to speed, and I knew it needed more work, but nobody even bothered to tell me what's wrong with it.
And, and BTW, it was in the specs. Which were up for a long time.
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