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[or] fix for Oriya


(Mozilla Localizations :: or / Odia, defect)

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There are a few mistakes and overlooked pieces in,

general.useragent.locale should be "or".

Did you review the plural rule?

Not sure which setting for is good, you might want to ask around in the office ;-)

intl.accept_languages should mention "or" and "or-IN" first, and only use English as fallback, something like "or, or-in, en, en-us" sounds good. Not sure if you'd have a preference of en-gb over en-us, too.

The default charset intl.charset.default should probably be UTF-8, latin-1 doesn't make that much sense for India, I guess?

intl.menuitems.insertseparatorbeforeaccesskeys shouldn't be translated, it should be either "true" or "false" literally. I don't exactly know what the impact is, it's acting as "false" in the current state.
Manoj, ping? This is a release blocker for us. I'd appreciate it if you could look into this. Thanks.
Manoj, we are considering moving Oriya locale out of the beta status in one of the forthcoming updates to Firefox 3.5. This bug, however, is a blocker for doing that. Can you try to fix the files as Axel explains it in comment 0?

Please let us know if you need any help or assistance with this. I'll be more than happy to help out.
Seems like Manoj doesn't get bugmail for Oriya bugs :-/, CCing him.

Manoj, this bug needs your attention to get Oriya out of Beta on 3.5.x.

Manoj, could you add oriya.or@localization.bugs to your watched bugzilla accounts on to see traffic that keeps Oriya from shipping or coming out of beta.
Updated file for oriya (or).
Please let me know if there is any issue.
Comment on attachment 391282 [details] [diff] [review]
Created a new patch for updating for Oriya (or)

That's looking good to me.

Please land this on both 1.9.1 and port it over to l10n-central.

The way we track landings is that we paste the link of the changeset with the landing into the bug, and then update the bug status.

For the landing on 1.9.1, update the status1.9.1 dropdown, once the bug lands on l10n-central, it can be marked fixed.

If we get this fix into fx 3.5.2, the status1.9.1 dropdown should be set to .2-fixed.

To incorporate the landing into the actual code we ship, you'll need to update your opt-in changeset in the newsgroup, check out or the details.
Attachment #391282 - Flags: review+
Landed the changes to both 1.9.1 and l10n-central.
1.9.1 landing:

central landing:

Marking as fixed as per the l10n-central landing. For 1.9.1, please reply in the opt-in thread at <> and paste the new revision number there. Once it's been approved, please update the status1.9.1 flag.

Thanks, Manoj.
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